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Is money controlling your or do you control money?

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Dear friend, Is money controlling you? Or you control money? Is it hurting your family or helping your family? Are you sick and tired of ...

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    Default Is money controlling your or do you control money?

    Dear friend,

    Is money controlling you? Or you control money?
    Is it hurting your family or helping your family?
    Are you sick and tired of your debts?
    Do you feel that that money you earned is not anymore for you?

    In the advance and confusing world, the more knowledge you have, the more financial problems you got.

    This book might help you solve some financial issues.
    Read more here

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    my money works for money...

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    Becoming a debt collection lawyer is not on anyone's list at all. You tend to become one of them if you help collect bills for decades. This is certainly a challenging area of work, but you shouldn't knock it before you try. Getting judgments isn't always easy, and when you don't get them, it's mostly because the amount doesn't have to. When you get the solution, you will still have to collect the money. This means doing a lot of homework, including going through every scrap of paper to see what assets might be valuable to pay off the debt. The best thing about debt collectors is that they are ethical, hardworking, and honest professionals who leave no stone unturned to make their clients happy. No one goes to law school thinking they want to be a debt collector, but the desire to help people make them choose this field.

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    Now many people have a situation with loans, to put it mildly, not very good. But do not despair, you can always find a way out of even the most difficult situation. I used the company's services in difficult moments . After that, it became much easier for me to live, because I did not have to urgently pay off the debt.

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    Hi all,

    I have been leant money from a relative to buy a home. In return they have a charge on the house, and I make monthly repayments to them.

    Am going through a divorce, and the other side has insisted it's called a loan, and the house is mortgage free.

    Is this correct? Is it only called a mortgage if its from a bank?

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    When I had problems during a pandemic, my friend's advice helped me. I went to the loan store. They gave me a small loan to solve my business problems. Banks do not give loans to everyone, it is good that there are services that help people in such difficult times. I solved this problem a long time ago, if you need advice or advice, then you can write to this service or to me

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    Oh, at the current moment money controls me and that is sad

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