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rooftop farming / limited space farming

This discussion is about "rooftop farming / limited space farming" in the "Business, Finance & Economics Discussions" forums.
ka-apan lang aning online purchases gud kay mahug naman nga mag-add kas expenses for shipping... issue pod namo ani kay ang tubig kay hinay sa ...

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    ka-apan lang aning online purchases gud kay mahug naman nga mag-add kas expenses for shipping...
    issue pod namo ani kay ang tubig kay hinay sa taas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kit_cebu View Post
    ka-apan lang aning online purchases gud kay mahug naman nga mag-add kas expenses for shipping...
    issue pod namo ani kay ang tubig kay hinay sa taas...
    depende ra gyud na. kay i find most of my purchases made online cheaper...bisan ako pa i-add ang domestic shipping cost. and that's compared to the prices that I paid to some purchases I made here.

    I also don't see why water can be an issue. in my hydroponics system, wala gyud ko nigamit ug water from our own faucet. I collect rainwater in 2 drums...then didto ko mukuha ug water na ako gamiton to make my solution.

    Every 2 weeks, I only use about 5 gallons worth of water in making my solution. Then weekly, I use approximately another 5 gallons of plain water to top-off the water that has evaporated from my system. I only add plain water since dili man maapil ug evaporate ang minerals and other elements in the solution.

    I have a 48-hole NFT system, an 18-hole DWC system, and another DIY units with all in all, I currently have a total of 86 plants in hydroponics (most are already mature and bearing fruits, some have been harvested already).
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilbz View Post
    I have my own garden on our roofdeck.

    My main problems: 1. scorching heat of the sun and 2. strong winds.

    You have to make provisions for a frame (wood or metal tubes) so you can place a net mesh and/or UV sheet over your plants. If you can build a small greenhouse, it would be much better.

    in the beginning:

    as of aug 10:

    as of aug. 26:

    as of today:

    na harvest na ang lettuce. all basils and tomatoes na lang ang sulod sa akong NFT system. the seedlings on the foreground are placed in the system sept. 17(tomato) and sept. 21(basils).
    nindot lagi musuway ani... asa ka nagstart para makabuhat ta like this boss?

    actually akong diet more na sa gulay, tungod sa gout. nindot ni naay fresh veggies sa likod.

    unsay system ani? pwede ta makatan-aw?

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    wa koy know how ani.....unsaon tingali ni?

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    Blog Entries

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    boss, mangutana lang unta ko kung naa bay mapalitan diha sa cebu og UV coated na plastic ug shading net? Nagplano man gud unta ko magpatukod og gamay na greenhouse ig-uli nako diha igka december.

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    Bai Marjohn, pag tanom na diha. hehehe Oo naa na dri baligya bai naa sa Fishermens Store sa Carbon.

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    hehehhe...nosebleed ko dah! ako nagtanum ko ug tangad, sibuyas, & sabila...silingan ra namo ang tig-harvest...hehehehe pero ok ra kay nagsige man gihapon ug tubo ....nag-anam paman gani ug kadaghan...

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    LECA pebbles or a.k.a Hydroton is now availabe @ Cebu Garden Supply - 09277528085

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    hello ask lang ko unsa meaning ani NFT system, DWC system kay murag naglibog ko hehe salamat

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