It's true that Cebu is considered the fastest growing economy in the country. Kita gud ang competinsya sa Manila. You've heard all the talks ever since... dunno when pa.

More or less, from what I've heard, foreign investors do have an eye for the Philippines. If this trend continues and the political oppositionists in Manila shut their mouths up in the streets and settle the Gloria-gate case constitutionally, ma improve man ang Philippine economy ba. We just have to prove the investors that Philippines is actually a safe country to invest your money in, then there's no problem to it.

Hmm... Come to think of it, maybe the government should also do something about the media, since ang gipangkita ra nila nowadays are how gubot the Philippines is. The media should also have to present some good stories about the Philippines. What's the relation? I've just heard a Taiwanese investor nga hing anhi Cebu to take a look for business opportunity. Wala nalang siya hing padayon kay nahadlok siya sa rally. You might think 1 investor lang bitaw, but what if other foreign investors have the same idea? Sayang hinoon ang money for our economy.

AlecZander: It is possible that Cebu can be like Singapore, however, we can't be independent from the Philippines. In terms of military power lang daan, patay ta sa whole AFP. HEHE!