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You will need the following:

1. A very good labor lawyer, or connections in government. Most successful manpower agencies are owned by either government officials, former Generals and officers (for security agencies), and by lawyers. As to why? For the sole reason that the LAbor Code tends to favor the rights of workers over that of employers. You need to find a way around the Labor Code.

2. You must be well connected, how else are you supposed to get clients being a beginner in the industry?

3. Lots of cash in your bank account since many clients pay you long after salaries have been overdue.

The most important and only essential qualification to make it big in the business is number 1. If you have number 1, the connections and clients will find their way to you and will be more than willing to make concessions in your favor even. However should you have both numbers 2 and 3 and be lacking in number 1 then you are going to fail big time.

good commentaries. are you in any way in the business of janitorial service provider? I am looking for one.