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rush sale! until july 5 all novels!

This discussion is about "rush sale! until july 5 all novels!" in the "Books & Magazines" forums.

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    Default extended! novels for sale 50 pesos only!

    i will only be selling the novels until july 5. so hurry up, grab it while you can. 50 pesos each!
    Contact 09228231186.
    Meet ups: Sundays S.M. 12-3pm.
    And Fridays Ayala Bo's 730pm.

    Amanda Quick (6) – titles below
    Arnette Lamb – 3 betrayed, chieftain, and maiden of Inverness
    Carole Mortimer – 2 red rose for love and forbidden surrender, and to love again
    Catherine Coulteir (3) – titles below
    Charlotte Lamb – 2 man hunt and seductive st. ranger, and battle for possession
    Christmas History - 3
    Cynthia Freeman – 4 – titles below
    *erle Stanley (7) – titles below
    Harold Robbins (5) – titles below
    Heather Graham (2) – golden surrender and sweet savage Eden
    Howard Fast – 2 the immigrants daughter, and the dinner party
    Iris Johansen – 2 the deadly Christmas carol (with Kay Harper and fayrene Preston), and last bridge home
    Janet Dailey (26) – titles below
    Jayne Anne Krentz - 2 - the golden chance, wildest hearts
    Jeffrey Archer – 3 Kane and Abel, and first among equals, and the prodigal daughter
    John Grisham (2) - the firm and the client (in readers digest)
    Judith Krantz (3) – princess daisy, scruple, and dazzle
    Judith Michael – 2 sleeping beauty, and inheritance
    Karen Robards – 3 nobody’s angel, this side of heaven, and one surrender
    Ken Follet – 2 wings of eagles and night over water
    Lavyrle Spencer (5) – titles below
    Lawrence Sanders – 2 McNally’s luck and tales of the wolf
    Linda Miller Lael- 2 lily and the major, and my darling Melissa
    Mary Jo Putney – 6 – titles below
    Megan McKinley – 5 – titles below
    Norma Belshir – 2 angels at midnight, and a time for legends
    Terry Brooks (5) – titles below
    Tom Clancy – 3 patriot games, red storm rising, and the sum of all fears
    Victoria Holt - 7
    Virginia Henley - 5

    *One each of all these authors below:
    Andrew M Greeley – angels of September
    Arthur Clarke – the challenge of the spaceship
    Barbara Taylor – to be the best
    Carole Douglas – lady rogue
    Elaine Coffman – so this is love
    Emile Loring – hilltops clear
    Eric Lustbader - the miko
    Fern Michaels – sins of omission
    Frederick Forsyth – the deceiver
    Herbert Lieberman – night call from a distant time zone
    Jonathan Kellerman – silent partner
    Jordan – power play
    Larry Collins – fall from grace
    Lillian Peake – run for your love
    Marylyle Rogers – chanting the morning star
    Patrick Siiskind - perfume
    Penelope Williamson – once in a blue moon
    Rachel Lindsay – the widening stream
    Sandra Chastain – lean mean loving machine
    Shirlee Busbee – each time we love
    Victoria Leigh – blackthorns woman

    *Catherine coultier:
    4. The heiress bride
    8. Lord of raven’s peak
    12. Night shadow

    *Janet Dailey
    1. Dangerous masquerade
    2. Northern magic
    3. Sonora sundown
    4. Valley of the vapors
    5. Fire and ice
    8. The matchmakers
    10. Night of the cotillion
    13. A Lyons share
    14. The Indy man
    16. The mating season
    17. Bluegrass king
    19. Summer mahogany
    24. A tradition of pride
    27. Boss man from Ogallala
    29. Heart of stone
    31. Land of enchantment
    34. Lord of the high lonesome
    Calder born Calder bred
    Tangled vines
    The glory game
    This Calder range
    Aspen gold
    The rogue
    Reilly’s woman

    *erle Stanley –
    1. The case of the half-wakened wife
    2. The case of the borrowed brunette
    3. The case of the stepdaughter’s secret
    4. The case of the silky girl
    5. The case of the daring decoy
    6. The case of the moth-eaten mink
    7. The case of the cautious coquette

    * Harold Robbins
    1. The piranhas,
    2. Where love has gone,
    3. The lonely lady,
    4. The inheritors,
    5. Descent from xanadu

    *terry brooks
    1. The wish song of shannara
    2. The scions of shannara
    3. The elf of queen of shannara
    4. The druid of queen of shannara
    5. The sword of shannara

    *Mary Jo Putney
    1. Dancing in the wind
    2. Dearly beloved
    3. Thunder and roses
    4. Angel rogue
    5. Silk and shadows
    6. Shattered rainbows

    *Megan McKinley
    1. My wicked enchantress
    2. No choice but surrender
    3. Lions and lace
    4. till dawn tames the night
    5. When angels fall

    *Cynthia freeman
    1. Seasons of the heart
    2. Illusions of love
    3. The last princess
    4. A world full of strangers

    *Amanda quick
    1. Ravished
    2. Deception
    3. Scandal
    4. Restless
    5. Rendezvous
    6. Dangerous

    *Lavryle Spencer
    1. Bygones
    2. The hellion
    3. Morning glory
    4. Bitter sweet

    *Virginia Henley
    1. Prince and the pagan
    2. Seduced
    3. Wild hearts
    4. The falcon and the flower
    5. The raven and the rose

    *Victoria Holt
    1. The Judas kiss
    2. The demon lover
    3. The captive
    4. Snare of serpents
    5. Seven for a secret
    6. The silk vendetta
    7. Secret for a nightingale

    *Christmas novels
    1. Historical Christmas stories 1990
    Nora Roberts – in from the cold
    Patricia potter – miracle of the heart
    Ruth langan – Christmas at bitter creek
    2. Historical Christmas stories 1991
    Lyda trent – Christmas yet to come
    Caryn Cameron – a season of joy
    Deloras scott – fortune gift
    3. Christmas treasures
    Debbie macomber – Christmas masquerade
    Maura seger – a gift beyond price

    *Novel summary:
    Linda miller – lily and the major summary-
    lily chalmers wanted only 2 things from life - a farm of her own, and to find the sisters she hadnt seen since they were all little girls heading west on the orphan train...
    : she certainly had no desire for a husband yet proud, inncoent lily had no idea what desire meant until she met major caleb halliday, a man who could ignite her very being with a touch... a glance ... a whisper. sheltered in his arms, lily rode the crest of a wild, helpless passion, discovering the full , rapturous glory of her wonamhood. and though she struggled against her own willful heart, she knew she couldnever choose between the dazzling man who had claimed her love so completely, and her bold, long - cherished dream.

    wildest hearts - jayne ann krentz. Summary:
    annie lyncroft knew her scheme was outrageous. shed come to the elegant penthouse to meet oliver rain, the richest and possibly the most dangerous man in the pacific northwest. annie needed this sensual, secretive corporate maverick for what she was about to propose. marriage! with her brother danny missing after a mysterous plane crash, annie is struggling to protect his hot electronics company from the sharks who think hes not coming back. but fanciful, ethical annie - who usually runs a bizzare bric-a-brac shop-knows dannys alive, and shes determined to keep his company safe by putting his biggest investor at the hel. when oliver actually says yes to the marriage of convenience, annie dreamily envisions a few platonic weeks of helping him become a
    : sensitive new age guy. oliver has a different plan; his cold , gorgeous eyes have been watching annie, and he sees his chance to seduce the beautiful schemer. love is the wild card destined to teach these two strong - willed opposites a lesson: icy control might run the business world, but all hell is about to break loose in the passionated territory of the heart.

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    Contact# 09228231186
    Meet up: Sunday’s SM 12-3pm
    Fridays Ayala Bo’s 7pm. (my partner)
    I’m available: across country mall 830pm and 6am mon – sat.
    Living near mt. view quiot pardo
    I will not accept calls, if possible text lang, and please indicate the object you are inquiring about.
    Thank you.
    You can also view the links of the other things that I’m selling:

    1. Clothing, shoes, and accessories
    *imported perfumes, lotions, and bath sets 40-4000
    *Hershey’s lip balm and pre loved makeup 100-200
    *belts, watches, and clothes 80-5000
    *Pre loved tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, jeans, bags, belts, perfume, bath sets 40 -2k
    *Dresses from my closet, stylish and affordable small to large sizes
    *jackets, nighties, and bottoms fr closet: skirts, pedal, shorts, jeans, leggings
    *tops small to large from closet stylish and affordable
    2. Health and beauty
    *imported perfumes, lotions, and bath set 40-4000
    *Fish liver oil 65
    *Hershey’s lip balm and pre loved makeup 100-200
    3. Books and magazine
    *novels, pocketbooks, kids books, comics, and joke books
    *kids and teens pocketbooks and more:
    *novels, cookbooks, stitching books and more:
    *novels rush sale only until july 5
    4. Pets
    *Fish liver oil P65 – 100 pieces, cod liver oil - 50
    5. Food and beverage
    *Imported canned goods (beef stew, ravioli, Campbell’s, and luncheon meat) P60
    6. Everything Else
    Stationary and stickers (pre loved)
    Cross stitch patterns, magazines, books, threads, frames

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    novel tittles have been added

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    wala kay jude devereux?

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    nope, sold na. ang available, kana ra naa sa lilst. thanks.

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    added janet daily tittles

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    posted almost all the tittles, 3 authors left

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    Stories from the bible for kids and fairytale tresure trove sold!
    Johanna Lindsay and 2 john grisham sold!
    Childrens bible in color, hardy boys, 365 bedtime stories, and boy next door sold!
    Thanks everyone! 

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    going up today. morning!

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    going up today. morning!

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