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I Once

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by , 02-01-2013 at 07:45 PM (1404 Views)
I wrote this poem to someone I love before. Share lang.

I once loved a woman way back before
She's the only girl I only adore
She's charms irresistible and intelligent indeed
Maybe my reason for falling madly so deep

I was then the dog and she was my boss
Like I am the bee and she's the rose
I follow and do everything that she says
Hoping she'll love me one of these days

Then unexpectedly to me she came
She whisper "I like you" and I played with her game
But for weeks I lived with just a fantasy
'Coz I saw her with a guy, she cheated on me

I've open my eyes now that I'm pain
That "love" and "like" are never the same
It's just too bad for me not to see
That I once loved a woman who never loved me

by: yandz
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  1. ralrezinpain's Avatar
    aray, sakit naman nun...
  2. fatum's Avatar
    nice.. i miss writing poems. haha
  3. yandz's Avatar
    thanks for reading my p0em. I'll make an0ther one s0on.


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