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My Sweet Agony

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by , 06-19-2013 at 04:05 PM (2028 Views)
I watched you gaze into the sunset
I watched you bask under the sun's setting rays
Your eyes sparkled as you watch the sea turn into gold
Then I wondered when will those eyes look at me that way

You turned around, I felt my heart skip a beat
I pretended to gaze into the horizon, as if you did not exist
Yet, I can still feel your presence, enveloping me, making it hard to breathe
Be still my heart! I reprimanded, for there is no way you will notice me

Loving you in silence is all that I can do
Pretending you are mine is my sole consolation
True, I long to hold you in my arms
True, I long to feel your lips against mine

My heart wants to know how it feels to be loved by you
To look into those eyes and watch them sparkle with love and desire
But then you are like a dream, a dream that will never become a reality
I know someday, someday I will have to let you go, my bittersweet dream

You started to walk away, you begin to fade into the distance
I felt the urge to stop you, but I have to leave you be
I pray that you take away with you this love that I feel
For loving you from afar is too much of a sweet agony to bear

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  1. neversaydie's Avatar
    If only I could,
    If only you could,
    This longing for you will always be true. .
    how can I resist this feeling of emptiness ,
    when for you it's nothingness. .

    How could I bear seeing you with her,
    when you're presence has giving me agony to bear. .

    ano daW? hahah sumpayan nalang nako hehehe
  2. xinevirtucio's Avatar

    tumpak... na pag.antos!
  3. neversaydie's Avatar
    ironic kaayo bah. . .
    bahala nalang basta maduol hehehe
  4. xinevirtucio's Avatar
    ang problema...

    ug naa sa naduol..magsakit mn sd kah!
  5. neversaydie's Avatar
    ang ako kay ug naa sa duol diko magsakit, maghsakit ko kung naa sa layu hehehe kay wako kita
  6. xinevirtucio's Avatar

    ka.igat gud nmo madz..

    kanang ato ingnon c kagz na magpaduol pirme hahahaha
  7. neversaydie's Avatar
    si kags jud?? wahahaha
  8. xinevirtucio's Avatar

    oh c kagz jud! kamo bya loveteam ron!
    kahrosi likes this.


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