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by , 05-29-2013 at 09:07 AM (1518 Views)
I saw the way you look at me
I know it wasn't the same way as what used to be
You are probably wondering what went wrong
With something that used to be so strong

It wasn't me who changed but you
It was something that you chose to do
Though it is one of my greatest fears
I opted for a life without tears

The moment you stepped closer and kissed her
You knew you just lost something so dear
I need not to know
Because I can feel you're longing for someone new

It is not the same look you used to give me
And I am not blind not to see
It is her that you desire to kiss
And together you will live a life of bliss

As you turn around and go
May you forever remember the time that is not so long ago
Remember the name of the woman whose heart you chose to break
Along with the life you intend to take

True, it is painful to see you walk away
But on the ground my heart now lay
Broken and shredded
This is not how it should've ended

A part of me is forever with you
Does not matter if you are with somebody new
It can be a curse or a memory
But one thing is for sure, she will suffer from our story


  1. hotstart_03's Avatar
    In the last part, instead, can it read, "she will suffer from the same story"? Hihi
    But with ur version sis the way i understand it, there is still hope for people to reform and recreate life's story with a little less of the imperfections feared to repeat again .. God bless!
    Kagami-chan likes this.
  2. kageron's Avatar
    When the only person you knew will just see you through comes the worse situations. It's a disturbing feeling when things are over especially if so much is left undone and no ground to start from.


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