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A Love Story

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by , 09-10-2017 at 03:35 AM (593 Views)
There was a girl who have been an outcast in her society because of the way she thinks almost about everything. She speaks out her mind unintentionally hurting people's feeling. She jokes around serious stuff that others tends to ponder but take at heart ideas that supports a greater cause. Eventually, guys do notice her but she notices none of them, until this one guy.

There was this guy, a pretty guy whom girls would go ogling around. Not just because of how he looks but more on how he speaks his mind, with clarity and sincerity. He notices this girl but never really spoke to her, probably afraid of what others may say. Until this one day.

One day, there was a talk why men pretty girls over average looking ones. The girl and the guy both commented but of different sides cause they share different views. That's how the girl notices the guy. And that's how the guy get the girl to notice him. It wasn't good start though. The girl thought the guy was such a psycho-maniac with the way he express his notions on the subject. While the guy thought the girl was such an arrogant bitch who seems to think she knows it all with all the vanity it entails.

Both continue their debate on their own. Messages have been exchange everyday. Both eager to know what each other have in mind and what each has to say. Day by day, the guy awaits for the girl to respond to his message. Hour by hour, the girl long for a message from the guy. Message by message, each seems to know each other more. More about their pasts, their dreams, their ideas, and their mere wacky thoughts about life.

Weeks had passed and it seems like the two can't get enough of each other messages. They send messages while they just woke up, asking if she or he had breakfast. They went sleep at night without saying goodnight and sweet dreams. Both accidentally fell in love but both is also afraid to tell that one might reject one another. Until that day.

That day, when the girl told the guy the truth. It almost shattered what they had. The girl feel ashamed. The guy feel betrayed. Both feel agonize of what might happened for they both knew that they still loved each other. Humiliated, the girl decided to stop messaging the guy. Frightened of what the girl had decided, the guy take courage to profess what he feels for the girl. Reluctant to what the guy had profess, the girl sense fear. Fear of what might and what might not happened. Fear drives the girl to tell the guy how she feels but fear also drives the girl to keep the guy away. For she know that a guy betrayed is angry and anger is more fearsome than love. The guy was crush with the betrayal but he was devastated when the girl keep him away. How could he convinced the girl that his love is more to protect her from his anger. How could he tell her that he need her like the sun to keep him away from darkness.

The girl and the guy decided to give each other space and time. Time for them to recover the pain. Space for them to long for each other again. But could this be enough, when they never really knew each other, never really saw each other. They never even knew that they might have cross each other paths. Anonymously, they fell in love. The feeling of falling in love with the person you never met. That connection with a complete stranger. And that spark with someone unknown.

But anyways, does anyone had this kind of experience? Help me how this love story happily ends. Frankly, I'm just a storyteller and I'm hoping you'll be the one who will give this story a happy ending. I don't like happy endings but for this one I'll give an exemption.


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    Every love story is different. Although there are people who claim that all happy people are equally happy. I do not agree. This is very clearly visible if you look closely at the profiles of the participants on the dating site - I have been communicating here for quite a long time and have already learned to distinguish those who are really easy about life. I am looking for such a partner for myself who will not hang a bunch of problems on me.


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