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Taking a rest is much better than taking a risk

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by , 09-28-2015 at 10:58 PM (1445 Views)
Indeed. For a heart like mine who's been hurt by the one it chooses to beat. It is but a risk to fall for the next person who comes along. Better stay alone and enjoy the loneliness than fool myself thinking that something will really work out. I'm sorry if I didn't survive what we had. It's just that I came to realize that I'm not healed yet to love another love. I'm not a whole to love another soul just yet. And I'm not brave to gamble this broken heart again. It's not even a whole to start with.


  1. larisse's Avatar
    ka- sad ani oi
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  2. re_con's Avatar
    were on the same team girl.
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  3. volatile8's Avatar
    ana lng...happy ra larisse...go on and keep moving...
  4. IneedAhotel's Avatar
    Risks has its reward-TRUE LOVE. LOVE will come it the ryt time. Even when ur rsting but when it calls u hv to answer it.
  5. Jaeyan23's Avatar
    Same as mine SAD but TRUE!!! Keep moooviiingggg.............
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  6. joziliciousbelle's Avatar
    Rest instead of risking, true jed. Risking might hurt yourself and worse sa laing tao.
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  7. luff101's Avatar
    D na lng ko mo add ani.. hehehe

    mangitkit na lng ko.. hahha
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  8. brandx's Avatar
    Ka char kahilak kog lansang da.
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  9. slabdans's Avatar
    a song for inspiration to live life to the fullest and not to be fools

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