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Blue rose

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by , 07-21-2013 at 02:18 PM (1547 Views)
blue rose

There you are under the tree's shade,
how lonesome your pretty face has made,
surely you got the sweetest smile
but there is a whiff of secrecy deep inside.

You have keep yourself mysterious all this days
letting me wander and see you in puzzling haze,
I've tried to know you each day more and more,
but opportunities can't simply rush ashore.

your aura radiates the most wonderful,
far beyond, i dream of you like a miracle,
your existence disproves the impossible,
adding delight to this wandering soul.

yet still you're so far away from my grasps,
partially visible i could hold a while not to last,
and you leave a little trace each time i try,
my pursuit, the dream of having you by my side.

you have kept yourself mysterious all this time,
so real in my eyes, dwelling in this soul and mind,
can you give chances and consider my plight?
you are the blue rose I've prayed for all this life.

revised and reposted.
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  1. jcjven19's Avatar
    We want more......
  2. vahnhelsing's Avatar
    there will be more.. puhon..
  3. Levarej's Avatar
    nyc one..naa ug inspiration?


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