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Sine Totoo: Pobreng Pilipino

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by , 04-04-2011 at 02:42 PM (4715 Views)

This morning,my eyes were glued to the television,as I watched a show in GMA 7 entitled Sine Totoo: Pobreng Pilipino.

The topic were about Filipino men and women clinging on to anything,just to make money.One is the craze these days, selling an organ for a meager price.Another was selling blood to Blood banks and lastly, the oldest profession that the Philippine streets have is Prostitution...

Among those three,I was reduced to tears when I saw them interview Lolo Rene, a 74 years old homosexual,who sells himself in the old theatre districts in Manila.He charges the rate of P30.00 to P50.00 per customer.Sadly, he rarely gets one,as they are much younger men available.He goes home,walks all the way and is moneyless...Lolo Rene passes the days on an empty stomach,his only way to satiate his hunger is by drinking lots and lots of water...Oftentimes,he can be seen at the Quiapo Church,waiting for food,as they have a feeding program...On those days,he relishes the taste of the food,as he is unsure when his next meal will be...

In moments like these,it really irks me that our politicians are corrupting the Government.They are enmassing millions of money to please themselves.They fool people that they are there to help us,but in truth,they have their own agenda for running...And also,the Generals and their families who received a lot of money.Now that they are in the hotseat,their families cry and get "sick" just so they can evade the questions that the Senators are asking them.And the line that they say that really makes me mad is "I envoke the right to my privacy".They say that,even when asked with the simpliest of questions that can be answered by a Yes or No.Or they play dumb or they say that they forgot about it.URGH.The smartest and most cunning of men reduced to being dumb just to avoid answering questions.SHAME!

My point is,those money that these persons in the Government were stealing,it could have been used to help these kind of people...So that they wont have to sell their bodies or whatever that can be sold.Old people like Lolo Rene shouldnt be out in the streets to sell himself,instead he should have been at home,resting...and making the rest of his days happy being taken care of...

I have a soft spot in my heart for children and old people,so when I see stuff like this,my heart melts and I cant help but cry.Makes me wish that I was or rather I can from a really really wealthy family so that I can help them...




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