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25 Random Things

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by , 02-13-2011 at 05:02 PM (2390 Views)
Kindly write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I would love to travel!the top destinations that I want to visit are France(c'mon,its the City of Love!who wouldn't want to go there?plus the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum!),Spain, England(relive the 1800's era and pretend that I am one of the characters of Julia Quinn's novel) and lastly, Italy.

2. I get this craving to watch ghost and horror movies and paranormal series.its like an itch that I cant scratch enough or its like Im pregnant and Im craving a certain food.and the most funny thing is that,afterwards, I get SO EFFIN' scared!

3. I love to dance and party!dressing up is soo FUN!

4. When I take a shower, I turn the Ipod's volume really loud and then dance and sing in the shower.

5. Certified and 100% a DADDY'S GIRL!

6. I cry at sad movies...especially when something bad or sad happens with elderly people and kids.(like this series that Im watching, the criminal tortured the old man and cut him into pieces).

7. Im shy when it comes to meeting new people.tendency is, I will forget your name.

8. Techie freak brothers and sisters and parents bemoan the fact that I have like 3 phones with me...and not to mention that i would love to get my hands on every new tech gadget that comes out in the market!

9. A total BOOKWORM!I can read a book in an hour or so...that is,if I dont have any distractions or if the book is THAT GOOD!

10. Im a SHOPAHOLIC!nothing can compare to the high that I experience when I have tons of shopping bags in my hands!hahaha!

11. I LOOK AT THE MIRROR(or any mirror for that matter) ENTIRELY TOO MUCH!(NARCISSISTIC much?)

12. I dislike talking on the phone!Id rather talk with that person face to face...but hey,if the situation calls for it, I DO answer the phone when it rings!hahaha!

13. I dont eat sa "pongko-pongko".or Japanese food.its not that Im ARTE.Id rather call it as IGNORANCE.

14. I smile EASILY.little things can make me can be like Im thinking about old funny memories or reading a corny text that I just received from my friends.It makes me look silly, but hey!it makes me look younger!

15. Im touched and flattered when friends go the distance just to make me this case, no grand gestures are much as possible,I dont want you to spend a single cent just for being there is ENOUGH.

16. Im RISK AVERSE.I dont like taking chances and be vulnerable in any situation.

17. Im the middle child.

18. I LOVE kids!cant wait to have my own!BABIES are soo cuttie!

19. Cant get enough of Oreos or anything that has Cookies and Cream on it!

20. I really hate cooking!

21.When the Disney cartoon movie Pocahontas came out, I was soo hooked on it.I watched it at the cinemas like 5 or more times.up to now, I still know their lines.hehehe.

22. HELLA SCARED of needles!its ironic really coz I do it(or rather have done it a lot of times) heart beats really fast, my breathing is shortened and my hands get really cold. I have no problem when its ME poking the needle into another person, but when Its me that has to be poked,thats a different story, baby!

23. And oh, did I mention that I also get scared when I see my own blood seeping out of my body?LOL!

24. I have the sweetest tooth ever!cant get enough of SWEETS!


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