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splendid moonlight

Life Is Fleeting

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by , 08-06-2012 at 10:23 PM (2920 Views)
I bumped into a video of a beautiful girl named Eva who died of cystic fibrosis who documented her struggle with the disease online (I think her experience with the disease is about to be made into a movie).

Along with the recent death of our beloved kitten Ew2x - that's what we called him since he had the cutest "ew-ew" sounding Meow we ever heard in a kitten - who's lovely beyond words, it struck me one more time, in the same day, that life is fleeting.

So I told a guy friend of mine, who I happened to be chatting with on Facebook at that time, that I used to have a crush on him (crush was actually an understatement, but hey, it's not like I planned telling him). His response was "you're not alone" which I took to mean that there are other women who feel the same way for him. LOL. It was a response I didn't expect, although I wasn't expecting anything in the first place really.

On another note, I used to think that girls who express their need to get married online (particularly Facebook) come off as desperate. But since one of my Facebook friends who displays the same behavior online was diagnosed with some disease, I felt guilty, reprimanding myself for being so judgmental. I wish for her to find her prince charming; she's been searching for him far and wide. And as for myself, I wish that I will always respect other people's dreams, that I won't wait to hear of their misfortunes before doing so.

By all means do not give up on your dreams whatever they are. Just as long as they don't involve harming another human being, your dreams are yours for the taking. Life is fleeting!
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    Lagi, hahaha. He's great, though.
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