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Soul Doctor

Forum Bullies

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by , 01-25-2010 at 07:56 PM (1705 Views)
I noticed that forum bullies are increasing in number.
They befriend moderators
and work their ways into banning forumers who they do not like.

They started by giving personal attacks on their threads.
The intentionally provoke this thread starter to go down to their level--
and when the thread starter answers back,
they report him for violation.
Its been their pattern for a long time. And they are increasing in number.

It getting sad in istorya.
You will notice these people.
Just read the last few posts on those closed threads you will know know who they are.


  1. pinoyapache's Avatar
    Mao bitaw bai, I try to be nice to everyone. If we don't disagree, I will just part the words "peace" or "God bless you" to end our see-saw and to diminish their nagging. Nagging? Dili ba pang-girl man na nga activity no?
  2. buangonkoh's Avatar
    Naka notice ko ana sa S n O na section and to some thread... oh well, hipi mode sad ko ana.. :)
  3. b|tcH_g0dd3sS's Avatar
    Mao ba? I didn't know. I'm glad i took the time to look for your posts, then for your profile

    Perhaps the mods who decided to close the threads had good reason to do so, and what readily comes to mind is to stop the quarrel -- coz you see, whoever started the argument, if it's not productive anymore, it is better to close it down.
  4. peterpan1980's Avatar
    Mao nay gi tawag.. pasipsipay lng.. hehehe

    One sided mana ang utok sa mga mods kay one sided man pud ang pungutok sa ilang boss.. normal rana..
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