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Soul Doctor

A village called Briza (part 2)

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by , 01-25-2010 at 07:46 PM (1096 Views)
Its been years since briza was turned over to its homeowners by aboitizland.
But still the village officers wants to protect the interest of the developer,
rather than promoting the welfare of their homeowners.

They continued following unreasonable regulations placed by aboitizland on their so called covenant.
For example,
they want homeowners to place their TV antenna at the middle of your easement area
where it becomes an obstacle to the supposed passage way.
They do not allow you to place your antenna at your roof
where 90 percent of the countries population place their TV antenna.
They do not allo your antenna to be mounted by the fence.

It has to be in the middle of the easement area where it becomes a safety hazard.
With all the wires needed to support its vertical height, this antenna is placing children at risk of getting caught in those wires.
And it is now difficult to pass in that are because the TV pole is in the middle of the pathway.

But they insist in implementing this unreasonable regulation.
If you wont follow their rules, they will cut your water line.

I supported the group that sued these officers for harassment.
But it so sad that their lawyers made a mistake in filing the case in the court.
They should have filed it in the HLURB.
Then later if they are not satisfied with the HLURB ruling,
thats the time they should file it in the court.

So now, the homeowners are all disgusted with their officers.
On their last general meeting, only 15 homeowners attended out of 240.
And most of them friends of the officers.

But still they don't get it.
Or they just do not want to, because they have other agenda,
and the homeowners welfare was not one of them.

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