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The village called Briza (part 2)

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by , 09-05-2009 at 11:35 AM (1241 Views)
The first year we lived here it was run by the Property Management Team of the Aboitizland.
Headed by Mr. Allan Alfon, who falsified documents
and claim that he is a homeowner so he can position himself as an officer of the village.

The first problem I encountered is with my water meter.

The Aboitizland property management team created a "one way" covenant with homeowner declaring that they can cut your water supply if you failed to follow their rules or failed to pay your monthly dues.

Our usual water bill is always around P400 a month.
Then, one month, the meter read high and we were billed P700 for the month.
I came to inform the administrator that there's a problem with the meter because I've been paying my water bill for 20 years and I never ever paid as high as P500. and there is no problem with leakage in my end of the water line.
The administrator Mr. Joel Sitchon ignored my observations and assure me that there is nothing wrong with my meter.

The next month I was billed P900plus!
So again I went to the administrator and complained but he assures me that all my excess bill will be refunded as soon as they find out that the meter is defective.

The following month the bill reached P1500 for the month.
Again my complains were pushed aside and insisted that I consumed my water as billed. It was frustrating to deal with the Aboitizland administrator because he is the most arrogant person they could find to be as administrator.

I studied the meter and experimented on it and found out what the defect was.
By the way, I'm a chemical engineer so I know how to diagnose technical problems like this. It turns out that when you open and turn the faucet off, the "star" that rotates in the center of the meter, does not stop rotating until a few seconds after. This creates an excess in the reading.
The following month the bill reached P2000 plus.

It infuriates me. I insisted that the meter was defective, still the administrator insisted that the reading was accurate and he said I actually consumed that amount of water. How do you deal with people like that?
So I took the cashier and their driver as witness and demonstrated a practical calibration test.
I took the present meter reading and wrote it down.
Then with a gallon container at hand I opened and closed the faucet (while the faucets in the rest of the house were all closed).
Repeated the process 20 times until the gallon container was full.
This gallon container should read 4liters, but it actually read 5.7 liters after the reading was subtracted with the original reading.

SO I was able to convince the cashier and her driver that the meter was defective. It was only this time the administrator replaced the meter.
But thats not the end of the story.
Because after one month where they replaced the meter with a good meter.
The bill went down to P400 again, they replaced my new meter with the defective old meter.

They thought that I would never notice if they just put back my old meter.
The order came from "Engr" Roger Pesole of aboitizland, but little did they know that I already anticipated their moves.
Previously, I painted the water meter so I could recognize it as soon as they place it back in my water line.

Ask yourself, what kind of people does things like that to you?
They did it at a time when my 7 year old daughter got hit by a habal-habal and was in the hospital. At a time when I was preoccupied with worries if my daughter would survive that accident.

The nerve of these people. I confronted the administrator with rage.
I said:
"Kung dili nimo tangtangon ang metro karon dayon,
Maglakaw ka nga naay metro nagtaop sa imong ulo!"
"Unsay sulod sa imong utok?"
"Basin kinahanglan na na tauran og metro ang imong utok?"

That's the time they replaced the meter with the new one.
And to think we are paying them P22,000 a month straight from our monthly dues.

After this incident,
I never stopped until these people were kicked out of the village.


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