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This village called Briza (Part 1)

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by , 09-03-2009 at 08:21 AM (830 Views)
At the first glance, our village looks like the ideal place to settle in.
It has a 24 hour a day security.
Spacious streets and fair looking houses.
To an outsider it is a beautiful place to live in.

But inside it feels that you are in another country run by a dictator.
There is no freedom for you as a homeowner,
or at least that's how they want to make you feel.

By they, I meant the BHAI (Briza Homeowner's Association Inc.) officers.
For years they rule the village with unreasonable regulations and penalties.
They were always indifferent to the homeowners needs.

It feels like you bought a house and yet they own it.
It's like renting a house yet paying for it in full.
Because you feel like a tenant to your own house.
Why? Because their rules has to be followed,
just like when you are renting a house or an apartment.

You can not do anything without the permission of the board of directors (as they call themselves).

To build a simple wall to cover you laundry area you need to ask their (BHAI officers) permission.
What for?
You already own the house right?
Why should you ask permission just for building a simple wall?
They would not allow any construction materials to enter the gate without permission from them.

To build a P1000-- budget wall you have to post a bond of P5,000 (or whatever they want to charge you) as construction bond.
This is outrageous!

And its always the same from one set of officers to another.
They made sure their "people" win the election every year.

So they remain in control of the village and its funds.
Ah the funds!
I know that's what they are after.
They feel if they can control the homeowners they can control their funds.

And speaking of funds, do you know how much we pay as monthly dues?
P550.00 a month or P5.00 per square meter of lot area.
A whooping P6,600 a year.
You pay it just for them to control you
and deprive you of your basic right as homeowners.

to be continued......


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