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Why some "Religious" persons become terrible persons

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by , 06-07-2009 at 11:10 PM (2500 Views)
Look around for a very "religious" person and examine closely how he interacts with other fellows.
The person you see frequently in church is a different person when he or she gets home.

A woman you frequently see in church, she carries a rosary, prayer booklet in her pocket, and wears all the symbols that tells of her being a religious woman. But when she gets home- she turns into a monster- berating other people, shouting hurtful words to family members and house help. She labels other people with insulting adjectives and call them with harsh names and claims that every time she gets hurtful she is just telling things as they are.

A man who reads the bible at the pulpit is often the most judgmental person you will ever know. He accuses other people,who doesn't go to church as often as he does, as infidels, sinners, immoral, and lazy. And those who doesn't go to the same church he belongs to are fake prophets, faith healers, con men, devil worshipers, and ignorant people. He pretends to keep himself holy and celibate but secretly lusts on little boys or little girls. And some sexually harass church members and church volunteers.

A father who handles masses at their congregation and preaches about God and family, he goes home to another wife, he drinks himself to sleep and sometimes bails his son from prison for shooting someone from their neighborhood.

This is the reality! You probably know these people. You've probably heard them on the news.

So whats wrong with being religious?

1. Religious man become Judgmental.
When someone thinks that he is "religious" he considers himself to be close to God.
He becomes self-righteous.
He becomes perfect.
He will never make mistakes.
He thinks that God loves him more than the person next to him.
He considers his religion to be the right religion.
He considers his God as the right God. and others just wasted their time praying at the wrong God.
His belief is the right belief, and other beliefs -- are irrational, unbelievable, untrue, unfounded, unreasonable and inconsistent.
It is very easy for a "religious" man to judge other people.

2.A "religious" man becomes very materialistic.
"Religion is a function of a materialistic man".-from the book- SEAT OF THE SOUL.
They preach against illegal gambling and curse gambling lords but accept their (gambling lords') donations to their church.
They build themselves beautiful expensive and extravagant churches as "house of God". They wear gold watches, diamond studded rings, silk shirts, expensive shoes, and all the finest things in this world. They eat "lechon" for dinner and drink expensive wine.
They ask money for their church services.
They value your friendship or church membership according to the amount of your donation or the amount of work you contributed to the church.
They see a person according to his social and financial standing in the community.
They see rich people as being the ones blessed by God.
They praise tax-evaders for building them a new church.
They raise the hands of paying politicians during holy mass.

3.They see people outside their belief as the Enemy.
They target their hatred on the people outside their belief.
Muslims hate Jews(Afghanistan), Jews hate Muslims(Israel), Muslims hate Christians(Philippines), Catholics hate Protestants and Protestants hate Roman Catholics, everybody is at war with people of the other religion around the world. Everybody is killing everybody who are considered enemies of their faith.

4. Religious people rely on faith than science. They value faith more than reality.
A grandmother refused to go to see the doctor because she knew her faith is the only thing that will heal her. My grandfather, a member of Jesus Miracle Crusade (whose doctrine are against going to doctors for healing) died in the hospital because of heart attack, because he was upset when he was brought to the hospital without his permission- when he suffered a stroke. Even Pastor Almeda's wife and daughters died of simple illness.
All scientists were persecuted during the religious era.
Books about biology, human medicine, botany and even mathematics were ordered to be burned- for they are, as they say, works of the heretics.

5. They considered their God as having human-like characteristics.
"God is a jealous God!."
"God has a Son!"
"God must be praised!"
"God rested on the seventh day!"

So they start bribing God with offerings hoping that God will hear their prayers.
They start to bargain with God. "God if you just let me win the jackpot in Lotto I will go to church everyday for the rest of my life.

In the universal Reality- there is nothing that we humans can do that can affect God. What we do here in this world only affects our own soul.
For you came from God and you are part of God. Yet you are just a finite, microscopic part of God.

How can you even have a "relationship" with God when you being "religious" can not even have a relationship with your sons and daughters, your parents, your sister, your brother, or your neighbor or your co-worker? When you can see them everyone, but you can't even see God!

Jesus himself was crucified by religious people.
Go figure!


  1. histrionic0311's Avatar
    indeed, go figure..

    thats the reality we are facing..
  2. Egoist's Avatar
    But don't be judgmental too, indeed some members of the religious people are like that but I have met many priests-Catholic, to be precise,- and lay people that don't include in your list of negative aspect of being a religious.
    But anyway I have seen also people from religious side whose like that. Life is absurd.
  3. peterpan1980's Avatar
    Bro, mao nay gitwag ug the difference between "true and false" converts.

    Daghan kaayo kusog kaayo mo simba nya kusog mo litok sa pangadyi sa rosaryohan pero gato-o nga sakto ilang gibuhat.

    Bible says:Matthew 7:21-23

    21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
  4. jessieventura's Avatar
    that is why the title said: some religous people and not all religious people.

    count me out. i lost my religion a long time ago
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