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Soul Doctor

Is the government our business competitor?

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by , 03-15-2009 at 10:41 PM (1406 Views)
I just had this water refilling business in northern town cebu and I realized that our government made sure business man had a hard time in getting permits.

They said they have this one stop business permit processing, but its all B.S. believe me.

First they charge me of 2 years unpaid permit dues.
Actually I just bought the business July last year (2008.).
But the charged me for the unpaid business permit charges of the year 2007 and 2008.
When I ask the owner why their permits were unpaid.
He said he already paid a government employee who acted as fixers and processed his permit for him for a fee.
Sure he got his business plate.
But it turned out to be fake.

So I was forced to pay 3 years of business permit charges.

Then they asked if I had SSS contributions.
I have to enroll my workers for SSS contributions.
Ok, I went to SSS. One of my worker already have an SSS number so I have no problem with his SSS. They other worker has no SSS number yet.
So they asked me to get his birth certificate.
They specified an NSO copy.
The problem is, when I got the result from NSO they said this guy is not registered. So what will I do now? Thats problem number one.

Then the window officer said I have to submit a Deed of Assignment before I could be registered as employer of the two employees for the same business.
What? Deed of Assignment? The owner of the business is no longer here.
That is problem number 2.

Of course I have to register for philhealth. I did not bother yet, because I presumed they would ask for birth certificate again which one of my employee did not have.
That is problem number 3.

Then a guy from sanitation came to my station and charge me with Littering.
What? All we did was flush away the dirt that the village above us were throwing in our canals. The worst thing is they charge me with third offense.
We never had the first and second. Automatic, third offense dayon.
P1,500.00 multa. Problem number 4.

Now the DOH created a mandate that they do they water tests twice a month and they will do the testing. Private (ex. Aqualab) labs are not recognized anymore.
Since when did the government have the manpower to handle this many tests?
Do they have the facilities to handle numbers of tests?
What really concerns me is the fact that the mayor himself is in the water business.
What if all of us fail their tests and only the mayors water will pass?
There is a similar situation in Southern part of Cebu where the mayor own this water business and no one else were given business permit for this type of business.
They already asked for lab test fee and got some sample but until now(2 month past) I did not got no lab results. This is what I was talking about. Is the government capable of doing all the lab tests with so many refilling stations around? Will my lab test be given on time for us to act if ever we have quality issues? This is problem no. 5.

Now the provincial engineers office visited my station and expressed that we did not have the required area for the refilling business.
What? The business already existed for 4 years, now they tell me that the business I bought did not have the required area?
What the hell is going on here?
In Japan, the smaller the space the better.
They even consider it a crime if you waste space.

The space is enough for us to deliver our service and then they come and say our area is not sufficient enough, when in fact, it is much bigger than the other refilling stations around. And they all are given approval and permits.
This is problem number 6.

Is the government supposed to help small businessmen like me?
Why are they giving me a hard time?
Its march already and I still have not my permit approved.
What kind of government we have here.
And to think I already paid more than P20,000 in permit charges alone.

I think they should thank us for providing employment for other people rather than give us a hard time. And I think politicians should not get involved in business when and where they have the power over the regulatory departments.

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  1. NASYO's Avatar
    "Is the government supposed to help small businessmen like me?"

    My answer doc is "NO"

    Nilapas naman na cla sa anti-red tape nga bala-ud doc.

    Reklamo ta ana sa Civil Service Commission.

    Andama ang mga papeles sa transaction ug uban pang ebidensya.

    Suporta ko nimo ana doc.

    Naay sanction para anang mga buwaya.
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