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Much Ado About Nothing

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by , 01-03-2014 at 05:32 AM (1089 Views)

I am hurt. I am angry. No, I'm more than angry! I feel loathsome. This feeling of disdain, disgust, sending mist into my mind, fogging my judgement in pitch black. None of the involved parties excused.

Half-dead, grieving, hungry, helpless men, women, children, elderly put through living hell; the foul smell of decaying bodies wherever you go; all these while the worthless 40 minutes conversation between Roxas and Romualdez took place. A conversation that only prolonged the misery of the people.

A pointless conversation, like a ship without a steering wheel that keeps going around in circles. A complete headache! There's Mar Roxas with all his hand gestures, badgering and bullying a stupefied Romualdez. It is as if I'm watching some sort of telenovela with the usual scene between a 'bida' and a 'kontrabida'.

'I've had enough of all this!', I said to myself. Haven't we all?

I understand that there are certain protocols need be followed in situations like these to obtain maximum efficiency but what use does it have if it's slowing down all immediate help needed just because both parties can't synchronize? All this fuss about legalities, distinction of authority, blah-blah that's not what the people need. What they need is fast action to alleviate even just a minute of human suffering!

Romualdez could have just facilitated the papers that Roxas needed without further delays then the latter would bring in more armed forces to distribute relief goods, clean up all dead bodies and maintain peace and order. End of conversation.

This is not the right time to talk about indifference or about the Aquino-Marcos family feud either! You see, this is what happens when hypocritical, political animals couldn't just get it over with and do what really has to be done. They put their feet in their mouths and throw a feast for the media.
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