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Hell....this is life

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by , 02-04-2009 at 11:49 PM (1638 Views)
well you have ur own story to tell and it seems that ur so confident in spreading it to everyone’s face like shitt. If You think that ur good enough for everyone then that’s the hell of ur mind and that’s what we call gutts.

Being in the midst of anything makes you feel safe and that’s bullshitt…You fickle ****ing human, a shitt from bastard’s asshole.

Being dumb to anything is another bullshitt thing and that makes you a crap following the ****ing flow — thats cowardice! and im one of them…hahaha

Well, this one is more than a hell and a shitt does… being good and smooth talker is a big no no no….being someone who appear to be good to anyone having those sense of humor that can crack everyone’s nerves is cool yet its stupidity with all those nonsense thing being spluttered out

Another annoying thing is that someone who spread trash things to everyone’s back without even knowing that they do more than trash thats worth to gossip about….

World is full of ****ing assholes, liar, bitch and most of all sucker…that makes everyone’s life like hell…..Life is hell indeed very challenging but we end up being nothing like a skeleton lying five feet below the ground with all those petty poor worms……

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  1. annerhexian's Avatar
    like the blog. full of emotions within.


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