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Memoirs of an Amnesiac

How to Break a Woman's Heart in Five Easy Ways (And Other Fragile Musings from the Cheatbook)

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by , 07-02-2017 at 03:43 PM (2433 Views)
So you met this really interesting woman. She's smart, funny, and yeah, interesting. You are not really attracted to her, but she sure does share the same tastes with you (food, movies, books, etc.). You then start to share text messages. You started to desire her. But, here's the catch! You are in a committed relationship and plans to get married real soon. Your ego fights between keeping her and telling her about the whole truth about your relationship with her and lose her or let her believe there is something between the two of you and keep her. Because you are a player, you decided to keep her. After all, she sure knows how to while away your time.

Your commitment with your partner starts to get real deep. Your commitment with her also gets stronger as you explore a lot of places together. You are in a quagmire. So, how do you stay as a player and then slowly break her heart without her knowing it (because you still want to believe that you're doing her a favor by keeping her and protecting her)? Here are proven tips from the Cheat book:

1. Get married first. You love your partner so much and you don't want to lose her. Don't worry, the now "other woman" won't have any chance to know anyway. You're not a real player for nothing. Just don't forget to take off your ring whenever you have dates with her.

2. Shower her with gifts and quality time. You really don't have to do this often. Besides, you have really no intention to get really committed to her. Only when she expresses that she's really tired from work and she badly needed a diversion will you practice your craft, that is---conjuring up little surprises that you're completely sure will make her swoon and win her over.

3. Make false hopes and empty promises with her. Every man knows just exactly what a woman wants to hear: unique proposals, babies, dream home, growing old together. However, you are not just any man. You are a MANIPULATOR. So you know just how to say and what to say to a woman. Now, she's really trapped in your mess and you're dragging her with you.

4. Tell her you love her. This by far is the biggest and the most effective technique there is to break her heart. When you also couple it with these: "Thank you for accepting me for who I am." and "Thank you for always understanding me." you are sure to have her heart, plus you'll get to have her soul.

5. Lie all you can. Lying like rice is somewhat unlimited with you. You must continue with your scheme until she confronts you with it and shows you pictures of your wedding. Plus, she'd be fortunate enough to have a friend tell her as he was a witness to the event. That friend happens to know her. Boom!

But here's an additional tip, when you are really caught off guard and have no possible way out, go back to number 4. Tell her you're madly in love with her and you can't stand not having her in your life. Or better yet, ask her to be friends with you, even after the scheme you did to her. That will surely make her have you back. (That is if she's really so gullible to begin with. But, she's not smart for nothing.)

So yeah, these are your surefire ways of breaking a woman's heart. Easy peasy, lemon squeezee. You'll have to be careful with karma though because if you started your married life with lies, there is no way, this won't happen again. So, good luck on this!

Disclaimer: No woman was hurt in the process of writing this blog. Oh, there was one, but she's starting to heal now. She thinks some guy is a total jerk to even be wasted with tears. She's even stronger now. Thanks to him...
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  1. re_con's Avatar
    linya sa mga paasang lalaki:ikaw ra ang babaeng akong gimahal, ikaw ra ang akong pakasalan..
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