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by , 05-26-2011 at 09:49 PM (5560 Views)
What is sacrifice?

I had glorified the act of sacrificing without even knowing what really is SACRIFICE! All along I was wrong of ever thinking that sacrifice is always associated with giving up…

After days of silently thinking about the things I did for love I finally realize that sacrifice truly means ‘to make sacred’. By giving up something I really want, I am instead only hurting myself; I am not making any relationship sacred! Even though I may give something up for someone, it is not sacrifice unless I am truly happy inside and without resentment. Anything short of this is truly superficial. It is only after I learn how to truly love myself, making sacrifices becomes so much easier and accurate to its definition. Sacrifice is never about giving up happiness but gaining even more happiness for myself by making others happy. When I unconditionally love others, seeing them happy is what truly makes me happy. If they find happiness in what I have and I truly love them, giving it to them is really easy when I know that my happiness comes from within me and nowhere else. Sacrifices become very simple and no different than a side effect of true love. Sacrifice always originates from me when I am ready and should never be imposed or expected of me…

And if I have to ask myself "when should I not sacrifice?"
...When I don’t want to!


  1. cheapseller88's Avatar
    sacrifice means ignoring what you need.
  2. scorpia's Avatar
    guro... but you know you really can't ignore your needs... if you can afford to ignore it, di nana siya matawag na need
  3. momiji11's Avatar
    sacrifice is when you still smile eventhough u know in your heart that something is wrong...

    when u do things for someone yet you know that u shouldnt be doing it...


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