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12x - 5i > 3(4x - 5u)

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by , 08-19-2019 at 04:48 PM (882 Views)
It is amazing how we can express everything in terms of mathematical equations. From a pitcher's curve ball, to the Earth's revolution around the sun. Mathematics truly is a universal language, a language understood by all. But now the question is, can it express a person's emotion and feeling?

hint: solve the title
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  1. reminok's Avatar
    I totally agree with you, especially in the context of the sports example. Have you tried reading sports predictions from bookmakers. I assure you that these guys are good at numbers. All they predict is pure mathematical calculation based on the most complete match statistics. I recommend reading more about it here - I myself am learning to make sports predictions using ready-made materials and using personal intuition. So far I have a 52% win rate. I think this is pretty good for a newcomer to betting.
  2. TonystarkK's Avatar
    Mathematics is a very complex science. It seems to me that a person has been born with whether he is able to understand mathematics or not. I can say I was unlucky in this, but to be honest I don't regret it. Today there are many different programs and websites to make life easier. There are so many of them that you can't use them all at once, check here is one of them. This is an online calculator that copes with the division of any number.


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