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Traveling through time

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by , 10-05-2017 at 11:07 AM (627 Views)
Is time travel possible?

Imagine yourself traveling back in time. Going back 10 years ago but far from home. How would you convince other people that you are from the future? Bring some futuristic device maybe? But what if only your body can travel back? Or better yet, what if only your consciousness can travel back?

If you read the news, you will see people claiming that they came from the future. However, we all think they were crazy and just sent them to mental hospitals. There was this one guy who claimed that he was sent back from 2048 to warn the people that aliens would invade earth in 2018. Creepy right? Then they checked his blood alcohol content and found that he was drunk. He then claimed that the body needs alcohol in order to time travel (made me think that all this time I may have been preparing my body for time travel ).

Another thing to consider, if at one point in time we develop time travel technology and send one person to the past. Then this person changes some things preventing the future where he was from from happening. You still with me? The result, time travel technology never gets developed and we start from scratch again. Think of it as the universe trying to fix itself. This brings me to another interesting theory that I have about the universe being alive, but that would be for another blog.

Time travel technology may be real but some unknown forces would always try to stop it from being developed. We may not know it but hundreds or maybe thousands may have already traveled back in time. How do you think Einstein knew about gravitational waves back then when during that time no such technology exists that can detect it? How do you think we managed to avoid a nuclear war? How do you think smart phones were conceived? And more importantly, how did we come to be?
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  1. Qvent111's Avatar
    I already knew that traveling thru time was possible. But only for a short period of time and not with the body but with the mind. I think we all went through this. This happens when you go to the house when you grew up, maybe your parents' house, or your grandparents' house. I traveled that way 3 months ago when I visited Chile, South America. It is a country full of history, full of mistery, it takes you back before our era. A unique feeling that only these kinds of places can wake up. Similar travel destinations you can find on Traveling for me it's not going and having fun with a ton of people, travel is discovering cultures and, why not, yourself.


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