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by , 04-30-2013 at 09:21 AM (1991 Views)
"Natsukashii", a term most commonly used by the Japanese. It means remembering something in the past triggered by something you currently see, feel, taste or touch. In english it translates to "nostalgia".

Most of my life I have been travelling (because of work). I have been to Japan, China, Hongkong and just recently I'm living in Singapore. I thought that I have overcome the feeling of loneliness and missing home. 3 weeks have passed as of this writing, now I get flashbacks, memories of the past when I was still a boy enjoying life and not worrying about stuff that adults usually do. Natsukashii, I would say, as I read some posts about Dragon Ball Z, remembering the times when I had a deck of Dragon Ball cards which I got for free inside a pack of my favorite "1 peso" junkfoods.

As I rode the train to work, I remembered the first time I rode a tricycle by myself. I was around 8 years old (Grade 3), carrying a very big stroller bag I waved my hand to catch a tricycle. The tricycle stopped and I ran to the back, hoisted my very heavy bag and placed it at the tricycle's baggage area. I then ran to the front to have a seat and the tricycle sped away. I shouted at the driver and the tricycle stopped. Apparently he thought I had already come onboard the tricycle XD... I smiled and managed to blurt a small laugh as the other passengers on the train eyed me with a suspicious look.

While waiting for the bus I remembered the first time I rode a jeepney. But that will be for another story

Remembering the past is good but it can also be bad. Right now these memories have triggered my loneliness, knowing that I am far from home and that I won't get to see my family some time soon...

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  1. keen's Avatar
    luoya sa bata. hapit nabiyaan
    hopefully not so lonely na.. asa na ang story #2 nimo, Zorenvok? curious lang kung nabiyaan pud hapit. hahaha joke bitaw
  2. Minkkedd's Avatar
    How old were you back then when you started traveling?
  3. Sarevok's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Minkkedd
    How old were you back then when you started traveling?
    wow sorry I just read this comment today XD well I started traveling when I was around 21 years old. Right after graduating from University.


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