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Why Now?

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by , 06-08-2013 at 05:01 AM (1313 Views)
"I can probably just say this now -YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME"
You've said the words I so longed to hear two years ago just now. Oh c'mon, why made me wait so long?

I could have waited should you have said you weren't ready.
I could have hold back, should you have said I am not up for it.
But why say you loved me too, when the fact is you weren't sure.

I've lost hope as the flicker of our relationship turned so timid over the days. I've grown weak and helpless over the painful days I've longed for your love. I've grown so tired of waiting for nothing -coz I thought you were just a dream that I can't have -ever.

I've found someone who gave me everything that I wished you've had.
I've been happy under another's arms during the times when you weren't back.
Yet, I've been wishing all along that hopefully you were the one -the person I've been pouring my love all this time.

Oh, please gimme a break. Why come back? Why now?

How? how do you expect me to react? Do you not feel the pain this has caused me now? I've waited for you, yet you didn't mind me at all. Now, that I am happy with someone else, you'll say you need me more? Please spare me the peace of mind that I deserve, as for the two years that had passed you weren't thinking if you'd still be ever worthy of my love.


  1. tchrisryan's Avatar
    Nice one...
  2. sammedriano's Avatar
    @tchrisryan; hehe thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by tchrisryan
    Nice one...


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