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The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction, plus the Crescent Moon.

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by , 12-01-2008 at 07:51 PM (1294 Views)
Was able to take photos of the conjunction or perhaps I can term it as a "mini-massing" of three Celestial bodies...Venus, Jupiter and the moon.

Here it is at around 5:34pm

at around 5:50pm

at around 6:30pm

Also recorded a short video, but was too conscious of talking alone myself (hehehe) to do commentaries so I'll just record and dub a commentary later.

Now, I know the following rant is going to be some sort of "grandstanding", but I really would like to seize this moment to let you guys ponder for a minute about all this.

I said a few days ago, that an astronomical event will happen on a certain date. I also said it will be seen by many people, and many people did see it. I am a man of science, and I used science and the scientific method to predict this event, using commonly and easily available materials and tools, that ANYONE who has the zest for knowledge and understanding can learn to use. Some of these tools are free and easily downloadable from the internet, and in fact, I posted these links in the "Downloadable Free Software" section of iStorya last year pa when I was still new here. stark contrast, daghan diri mag post ug HALA! Mo-abot ang Mars duol sa earth, ug modako sya like sa Kadak-on sa MOON! This will happen on June 25! Repent and pag-ampo na mo tanan! Hapit na mo kuhaon ni Lord! or THERE WILL BE AN EARTHQUAKE ON BLAH-BLAH-BLAH and similar What happened? Did they come true? What tools and methods did these topic posters use to state their claims? Actually, what bothers me more about posts like this is...there are some who actually believe in these posts!!!. That really scares me.

The only true fear, my friends, is fear of the unknown. Like what Carl Sagan said, in a world full of demons, horoscopes, doomsday mongers, and twisted beliefs, science is pitifully a candle in the dark...let this tiny flame light the darkness with our candles of knowledge and understanding, and rid the world of unknowns, and fear.

...I proudly carry that candle. I hope some of you will too.

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  1. teslee-rafols's Avatar
    Your pics are good. But your words are better....
  2. rodsky's Avatar
    Thank you
  3. BeoR's Avatar
    Saw this when it happened... thank you for the heads up. Was very interesting to see the formation and my daughter actually coughed up the question why it formed that way... I just told her something I read in one of your posts... "it happens every couple of years"...
  4. rodsky's Avatar
    You're most welcome Beor!
  5. KennyNewbie's Avatar
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