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by , 02-07-2013 at 02:01 AM (5103 Views)
It's truly ironic that most people who adopt the "No Fear" slogan or mantra, are actually spiritual or religious. True fearlessness is accepting a universe that has no intent, no purpose, and no grand design by some great designer, and GETTING ALONG FINE WITH THAT IDEA, and not terrified that there is absolutely no meaning to life.

Not that I am declaring that I'm fearless--I fear a lot of things, but then, in a way, fear is a HEALTHY thing--it is a natural mechanism, an innate ability to trigger certain impulses or actions to hopefully allow someone to overcome obstacles, threats that can effectively shorten your existence. The fear that I talk about however, is of a different level and scale--it is about a fear that encompasses the very nature of being--being scared that everything will fall into utter chaos once everyone realizes that there is no grand design in existence at all.

Well, admittedly perhaps if all people were stupid, I'd have to agree that it's a frightening situation indeed--the fear that everyone will discard morality and effectively try to get at each other's throats. But me of all pessimists still is surprisingly optimistic that not all people are stupid--the smart ones actually FULLY accept an existence with NO grand design, and are quite happy with it. These people believe that a universe without design is not necessarily a universe without morals, but a universe that has morals guided by logic and reason and the pleasure of finding out how things work, in small, baby steps. These people are called Humanists. I don't necessarily categorize myself as a humanist, yet, but perhaps one day someone else will consider me as such, if I indeed fulfill the character traits of such an individual.

I am, as always, just content to accept that there is no grand design and no grand designer, and always eager and joyful at having the pleasure to find out about how things work, every once and a while.
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