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lake danao

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by , 03-20-2009 at 07:40 PM (2276 Views)
Lake Danao in Camotes Island is known to be the largest lake in the Visayas and Mindanao. The total size of the lake is 680 hectares. The shape of the lake is a number 8 or some say, a shape of a guitar. This place used to be full of crocodiles until they were all hunted down and their hides were sold in Mindanao to produce bags, shoes, and belts out of crocodile skin.It contains fresh water and still is abundant with fishes. Meanwhile the Bureau of Fisheries hold their office here. And we can still buy a variety of fresh water fish which is also dried and sold as a dried fish speciality from the island.Prices of the properties vary from USD1.00 - 3.00/sq. m. depending on the area or location.



  1. TinkeR's Avatar
    "Lake Danao in Camotes Island is known to be the largest lake in the Visayas and Mindanao."

    Lake Danao may be the largest lake in the Visayas but some of Mindanao lakes are definitely bigger. Enjoy great fishing in Lake Danao. The common catch is Tilapia.

    Lake Mainit (Surface area 173.40 km2 or 17,340 ha.) and Lake Lanao (Surface area 340 kmē or 34,000 ha.) When I first saw Lake Mainit, I thought I was looking at the open sea. Wow.


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