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Creation or evolution

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by , 05-11-2009 at 01:15 PM (9529 Views)
Cedomil Vugrincic, M.D, Ph.D.
December 2002
Paper 1
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The question about creation or evolution of life has been entertained for as long as man has known himself, and this is today also the topic of many discussions within religious, philosophical and scientific circles.
However, at the beginning of a new millennium, humanity is still perplexed and uncertain of its origin and destination. Mankind, overwhelmed by its material achievements is today mostly secular and has lost its spiritual insights and direction.
For these reasons the universal cosmic brotherhood has again made a great effort, in the past hundred years or more, publishing a large body of educational material, in order to heighten human awareness and understanding of its becoming and its future direction.
This article integrates some of these teachings about the fundamentals of creation and evolution, both being manifestations of life within Universal God.


Secular science postulates its theories about life origin by observing nature’s phenomena and then tries to reproduce them, hoping to develop better understanding of the material life and its evolution. Secular science rejects creation by God and calls it a myth and postulates that life has originated from an unknown source which then progressed through evolution.

Most religions today are predominantly secular, ritualistic and ceremonial and, in spite of the variety of spiritual texts, do not offer any new insights about the creation of life. Religions generally reject scientific theory about evolution of life and believe in creation by God.

Philosophy is trying to correlate secular scientific postulates about evolution with religious beliefs in creation and has not offered itself any new insights about the origin of life.
Basic scientific beliefs about origin of life
Science in its theory of Big Bang teaches that the universe evolved about 13 billion years ago, after an unexplained accidental explosion, which created space.
Before Big Bang, according to secular science, nothing existed and without presence of space there was no time. Once space came into existence and inflated, time appeared and the cosmic clock started ticking. Space expansion has caused space cooling, energy concentration and its materialization into subatomic and then atomic particles. Gigantic gas clouds formed galaxies which gave birth to suns, planets and consequently planetary life. Astronomers today follow universe phenomena and interpret them on a basis of Big Bang theory.
There are various scientific theories about what incident has initiated planetary life such as:
action of an unknown force on earth, life origin transported through space, life evolving from the inorganic matter by interaction with geological or astronomic source etc.
Besides postulates regarding the origin of planetary life, there are also various theories about life’s propagation and differentiation, such as:
recapitulation theory, neoteny theory, Darwin’s theory of evolution etc.

Basic Theosophical beliefs about life origin

Theosophy in Greek means Divine Wisdom and these teachings are based on ancient records of teachings by sages of east and west. These texts today represent the core of esoteric teaching of the Theosophical Society.

According to theosophical concepts, the beginning of life has its roots far beyond the scientific concepts of Big Bang or the Darwinian theory of evolutionary adaptation.
Theosophy considers life to be a two stage process of progression of consciousness and energy.

First stage of process is the descent or involution of undifferentiated conscious energy-matter from the Absolute Reality into more restrictive matter forms.

Second stage is the ascent or evolution of the restricted conscious matter into more differentiated and complex life forms returning back to the Absolute Reality.

Theosophy considers those two stages to be the outbreath and inbreath of Divine Being which would make scientific Big Bang theory and space expansion and contraction of unsettled universe only the manifestation of continuous life process within God.
For Theosophy, energy-matter is not dead but represents the vehicle for conscious life completing their specific stages of development according to the plans of Divine Reality.
The Absolute Reality is the source of all life from which everything comes forth and to which everything eventually must return.
From the Divine Mind of the Absolute Reality three life waves of Logos emerge bringing the Universe into its being. These three life waves are also known as the Three Great Breaths or ‘Outpourings’ of life symbolized in various religions as the Trinities such as: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva etc.
Urantia’s view about the origin of life
The Urantia ( Earth ) book teaches about the origin of life from a celestial perspective as revealed by the Cosmic Brotherhood.
Urantia indicates that the Universal Absolute Father is the original First Source and Center of all that exists and from the spiritual Trinity of Universal Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit and Isle of Paradise of central universe of Havona, all life plans come forth.
Paradise God is outpicturing spiritual plans with energies into the Grand Universe, where energy-matter becomes actualized into life forms, with ascending eternal potential and from the central universe, spiritualized energy constantly radiates into seven orbiting super-universes of time and space.
The central and seven peripheral super-universes are also known as the Grand Universe.
Urantia’s super-universe is number seven and is called Orvonton and its capital is Uversa.
Local Universes are building blocks of super-universes and ours is called Nebadon, with its capital Salvington as the central abode of our local universe with it’s Sovereign Christ Michael and his consort Divine Minister.
The Grand Universe is still presently actualizing according to the architectural plan for the purpose of progression and expansion of celestial and terrestrial life and is inhabited with life creatures.
Physical worlds are all evolutionary in origin and serve as the spawning cradles for evolution of mortal races of time and space, and each serves as the veritable training school, in the staged volitional ascent of mortals, toward their Paradise destination.
The myriads of planetary systems were created this way all with the purpose to be inhabited by many different types of intelligent beings, who would all strive to know God and love him and receive his divine affection.

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  1. regnauld's Avatar
    All enlightened worlds recognize and worship God, and most of evolutionary life is embarking upon the long journey toward the central universe, to find God at his central abode in Paradise.
    Evolutionary planetary life is therefore only the initial stage from which mortals embark upon the long journey of their eternal ascent.

    Secular science has established its theories on a basis of observed astronomical and planetary phenomena which it then tries to support in a by laboratory through in-vitro experiments.
    Science only accepts its own “scientific facts”, which often are proven to be false and unacceptable as society evolves in time.
    Science at present rejects the theory of creation by God and does not accept God’s spiritual virtues as the creative motivating force in the evolution of the human mind, and would only accept the theories based on the matter-energy evolution of life. Material science, not accepting the spiritual insights of the human mind, also does not accept the concept of “life after death”.
    Orthodox religions believe in God and creation but being ceremonial, ritualistic and under heavy material burdens imposed by a dominating material society, have lost spiritual insights.
    Philosophy that should have the wisdom of correlating the spiritual advancements of science and religion, now both spiritually dormant, is itself not offering any new spiritual insights.
    Theosophy and Urantia on the other hand teach that the origin of life is based on a spiritual dialog with higher planetary and cosmic life.
    Theosophy and Urantia both accept creation, involution and evolution of life, within the Absolute Reality of God and consider the mortal stage of life to be only the beginning phase of man’s ascent to eternity in his Being.
    Both Theosophy and Urantia share many similarities of views considering the significant time gap between recorded teachings, which could only mean that secular science base its theories only on the observed fragments of the universe phenomena of the infinite and eternal process within Absolute Reality of God.
    The material prosperity of any society or world depends upon spiritual creativity and spiritual insights that precipitate the advancements of science, religion, philosophy and art through the evolving human mind.
    In future articles we will review the teachings about creation, involution and evolution processes, as taught by the cosmic brotherhood, because without human acceptance of God and his creative spirits in time, life becomes dormant and decadent and the collapses of godless societies have been well documented in our planetary history.


    © Copyright

    Big Bang; The story of the universe, H.Couper and N.Henbast
    Theosophy: An Introduction, The Theosophical Society
    The Urantia Book, Urantia Foundation
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  2. bookman21's Avatar
    hi sir!

    interested ko sa theosophy!

    usc fac sa psych diay gihapon ka sir? kinsa diay ka sir,..basin teacher tika sa psych..

    polsci man gud ku sir, shift nalang ko ug psych karun nga sem kay maka lingaw labin na kanang ts!
  3. Tirong-say's Avatar
    As the consciousness of Man develops, he was then persuaded through curiosity and intelligence in questioning how he and the world that surrounds him was crafted. Thus through him as well, a lot of theories and beliefs were furnished trying to satiate his very own query. So man's progression in seeking the truth is still on the onslaught defying his own makings and championing some. Perhaps in his quest he will reach that pinnacle of irrevocable truth, and then it will unite as all.


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