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Why You Need to Know About The Urantia Book

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by , 05-11-2009 at 11:06 AM (2642 Views)
Making good life decisions—the exercise of true wisdom—requires insight into the context in which the decision or choice is being made.
The Urantia Book provides a comprehensive overview of the context in which we live our daily lives -- historical, social, personal, intellectual, spiritual, and material. It provides important background information that will deepen, enrich, and strengthen your relationship with God, empower you to prevail in your struggles with the difficulties of daily life, and enable you to participate creatively in the much-needed spiritual transformation of our world.
By integrating science, philosophy, and religion into a coherent world view, the Urantia Book enhances the meanings we derive from our life experience, equipping us to live our lives relative to positive, creative spiritual values in the midst of difficulty, chaos, and uncertainty.


  1. regnauld's Avatar
    Reading and studying the Urantia Book is one of my goals. I hope I can learn profound insights from this material as part of my study in Theosophy!


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