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New 1001 GOALS and ThingsTo Do (done-with red mark)

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by , 04-26-2009 at 09:08 PM (5702 Views)
1.Make a blog in (2009)

2.Attend the gathering in Spirituality & Occult (May 03, 2009)

4. Teach Psychology class again at USC (June 2009)

5. Finish reading "The Art of Learning" (Josh Waitzkin)

6. Continue and finish the workbook "How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" (2009)

7. Attend the annual convention of the Theosophical Society (May 1-3, 2009)

8. Finish the 100 day Challenge ++ with flying colors (2009)

9. watch the movie "Angels and Demons"

10. Read the novel, "Angels and Demons" (Dan Brown)

11. Join a chess tournament (2009)

12. Find my soulmate

13. Review Conversations With God Book 1 (Neale Donald Wlasch)

14. Work on Conversations With God Book 1 Guidebook (2009)

15. Read and study "The Master Key System" (2009)

16. Finish reading "Wisdom of The Peaceful Warrior" (Dan Millman)

17. Speak and facilitate on the topic "On The Job Training" for Psyc students in CIT (May 09, 2009) Canceled

18. Read and study "Life Is A Series of Presentations" (Tony Jeary)

19. Watch the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"

20. Teach Counseling and Psychotherapy at USC

21. Attract a new and wonderful job (2009)

22. Study and learn a new foreign language

23. Watch the movie "Yip Man"

24. Attend the USC Psychology Faculty pilgrimage (2009)

25. Read and study again the book "A Course In Miracles"

26. Get my new driver's license (plastic) (2009)

27. Flatten my stomach (2009-2010)

28. Attract and achieve financial success and independence

29. Continue my masters in Clinical Psychology

30. Study Psychotherapy abroad

31. Go to Boracay for the third time

32. Go to Baguio city for the second time

33. Drive my own brand new car

34. Live independently in my new house

35. Go to Camiguin Island

36.Continue creating my Vision Board

37.Listen again to David Lanz music "Cristoforis Dream" at you tube

38. Watch the movie "The Celestine Prophecy" in You Tube


39. Watch Pacquiao vs. Hatton

40. Wake up early and meditate (lifetime habit)

41. Read and study "The Book of Secrets" (Deepak Chopra)

42. Meet Nikxz of (2009)

43. Meet Miyay of and give some of my books to her (2009)

44. Finish reading "The Game" (Neil Strauss)

45. Facilitate a Training Program (2009)

46. Own/buy a new laptap or notebook

47. Read and reflect "Osho ZEN Tarot"

48. Achieve perfect weight (2009-2010)

49. Review "The Secret of The Ages"(Robert Collier)

50. Become a full pledged Vegetarian

51. Travel to San Francisco, CA., U.S.A. and visit my sister

52. Study and practice Aikido

53. Study and practice again Jeet Kune Do

54. Study and practice Wing Chun

55. Climb a new mountain

56. Walk long distance again (2009)

57. Plant a tree

58. Volunteer for a rescue or an emergency

59. Get a good massage (2009)

60. Learn to Scuba dive

61. Master the English language

62. Make a new Training Program/Module (2009)

63. Search, read and study "The Urantia Book"

64. Watch "The Secret" again and again

65. Give my old clothes to the needy

66. Donate some of my books

67. Practice playing the piano again and again

68. Learn to cook well

69. Learn to play the guitar

70. Practice drawing and sketching again and again

71. Sing and memorize the lyrics of my favorite songs

72. Sell a product

73. Study and practice "Maximum Influence" again and again

74. Swim at the beach (2009)

75. Swim at the pool (2009)

76. Start to Read and study "Mysticism And The New Physics"(Michael Talbot)

77. Affirm daily The Subconscious Mind Prayer

78. Continue writing The Gratitude Journal

79. Download the best of New Age Music

80. Read and reflect daily "The Art of Worldly Wisdom" (Baltasar Gracian)

81. Watch the documentary movie "What The Bleep Down The Rabbit Hole"

82. Download the Self Transformation seminar module for presentation (Rose Psych Class)

83. Give a presentation on "Cultivating Positive Emotions and its Implications to Children" at Regional Convention of the Theosophical Society (May 2, 2009)

84. Read and study Esoteric Christianity (Annie Besant)

85. Go to USC and meet the Pscyhology Faculty regarding Community Extension Services

86. Read and work on "The Celestine Prophecy" An Experiential Guide

87. Research on SynchroDestiny (Deepak Chopra)at the net

88. Travel to Madridejos, Bantayan island and meet Regnauld Angelo (April 18-19)

89. Attend Psyc faculty meeting at Banawa re: changes of Psyc undergrad and graduate curriculum (May 9)

90. Celebrate Mother's Day with our mother at Bigbys Restaurant, SM City, Cebu (May 10)

91. Reread "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" (Deepak Chopra)

92. Facilitate and speak on SELF TRANSFORMATION SEMINAR (May 15) at USC law bldg.

93. Appear as one of the panelists in the Defense of Research of Graduate Psyc students (May 16)

94. Attend the Community Extensiobn Services c/o USC at Medellin, North of Cebu (May 23)

95. Celebrate the birthday of Rose with the USC Faculty at Pino Restaurant (May 22 )

96. Watch the movie "Tuesdays With Morrie"

97. Go to the dentist for cleaning and tooth extraction at SM (May 29)

98. Xerox, read and study the book "The Laughing Jesus"

99. Act as one of the panelists in the defense c/o Robby Echavez (Historical Psychology, May 26)

100. Buy and read the new book of Dan Brown's latest novel "The Lost Symbol"

101. Study and search this:

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  1. handsoff241's Avatar
    good luck with the soulmate reg... think your too old to ride the fairytale bus.. be practical
  2. regnauld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by handsoff241
    good luck with the soulmate reg... think your too old to ride the fairytale bus.. be practical
    No one is too old or too young. everything boils down to our sense of perception! Besides, finding one's soulmate is not a fairytale. I am very practical and at the same time spiritual!
  3. nikxz unÍ's Avatar
    I'm on # 42
  4. miyay's Avatar
    no. 43 and in red. nice
    goodluck on finding your soulmate, sir. not many are brave enough to have this as one of their goals.


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