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100 Day Challenge

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by , 04-08-2009 at 01:52 AM (2162 Views)
Who wants to join with me in 100 day challenge starting this April 12, Easter Sunday?


  1. icecreamaddict's Avatar
    what's the 100 day challenge?
  2. Evening Spark's Avatar
    what is the challenge all about?
    I used to host 7-Day Journal Writing Challenge in other sites.

    Let us know what is.
  3. regnauld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by icecreamaddict
    what's the 100 day challenge?
    This 100 day challenge is about your SUCCESS and HAPPINESS based on the concept of The Law of Attraction. So, you record all your achievements or accomplishments despite your failures and disappointments. You might want to challenge yourself in terms of your previous records whatever they may be. Also, don't fogret to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS along the way.
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  4. regnauld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Evening Spark
    what is the challenge all about?
    I used to host 7-Day Journal Writing Challenge in other sites.

    Let us know what is.
    The 100 Day Challenge is all about Attracting your dreams and goals in life. Also, you record all your Blessings, Achievements and Goals that you want to materialize. You may also jot down your meaningful experiences during the day. So, in essence it's like your personal journal but it's open to the public for viewing and sharing.
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  5. regnauld's Avatar
    Last April 18-19, DAYS 7 & 8

    I went to Madridejos, Bantayan Island to visit my family and it was such a a great blessing! I really enjoyed!

    Today, April 21 is DAY 10 already! So far so good! Only that I need to exert more effort to achieve my goals and realize my dreams! After that it will become more effortles effort!
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  6. regnauld's Avatar
    April 22, DAY 11

    I am here with my book "Women Who Run With the Wolves" Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by: Clarisa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. I found this prayer/affirmation tuck inside the book which I had copied and wrote many years ago and it says: MEDITATION TO HAVE THE POWER OF FAITH which sates : "The prayer of faith shall save the sick and God shall raise him up." (James 5:15) I know that no matter what the negation of yesterday was, my prayer or affirmation of truth will rise triumphantly over it today. I steadfastly behold the joy of the answered prayer. I walk all day long in the Light. Today is God's day; it is a glorious day for me, as it is full of peace, harmony, and joy. My faith in the good is written in my heart and felt in my inward parts. I am absolutely convinced that there is a Presence and a perfect Law that receives the impres of my desire now and that irresistibly attracts into my experience all the good things my heart desires. I now place all my reliance, faith, and trust in the Power and Presence of God within me; I am at Peace.
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  7. regnauld's Avatar
    April 23, DAY 12

    I went to the internet cafe at wireless because the server was down at home. I brought with me my two books "The Book of Secrets" by: Deepak Chopra and "The Wisdom of The Peaceful Warrior" by: Dan Millman. As usual I logged on to Istorya to see what's new. In the afternoon, I went to ayala and met janice but we had some miscommunication. Instead, I bought Nestle Ice Cream and went to Bacayan to celebrate a simple occassion with my family. We had a little fun.
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  8. regnauld's Avatar
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  9. regnauld's Avatar
    April 25, DAY 14

    I was awakened by the sounds of the drum outside and I realized it was the feast of our village "San Vicente Ferrer".

    Saint Vincent Ferrer (Valencian: Sant Vicent Ferrer; January 23, 1350April 5, 1419) was a Valencian Dominican missionary and logician. Vincent was the fourth child of the Anglo-Scottish nobleman William Stewart Ferrer (William being the younger of two brothers descended from the English Ferrer family and the Stewarts of Scotland) and his Spanish wife, Constantia Miguel. [1][2][3][4] Legends surround his birth. It was said that his father, William Stewart Ferrer, was told in a dream by a Dominican friar that his son would be famous throughout the world. His mother is said never to have experienced pain when she gave birth to him. He would fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and he loved the Passion of Christ very much. He would help the poor and distribute many alms to them. Vincent decided to join the Dominicans when his father gave him a choice whether to enter into secular, ecclesiastical, or a religious state.

    Vincent Ferrer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Saint Vincent Ferrer

    I read Conversations With God book 1 while waiting for the electricity to come back. It was so hot that I couldn't have slept in peace. I was sweating all over my body. This is what I do now. Read and Sleep.

    Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of nine books written by Neale Donald Walsch, written as a dialogue in which Walsch asks questions and God answers.[1] The first book of the Conversations with God series, Conversations with God, Book 1: An Uncommon Dialogue, appeared on bookshelves in 1995, and quickly became a publishing phenomenon, staying on the New York Times Best-Sellers List for 137 weeks. The succeeding volumes in the trilogy also appeared prominently on the List.
    In an interview with Larry King, Walsch described the inception of the books as follows: at a low period in his life, Walsch wrote an angry letter to God asking questions about why his life wasn't working. After writing down all of his questions, he heard a voice over his right shoulder say: "Do you really want an answer to all these questions or are you just venting?"[2] Though when he turned around he saw no one there, Walsch felt answers to his questions filling his mind and decided to write them down. The ensuing dialogue became the Conversations with God books. However, in the interview with King, Walsch freely admitted that he couldn’t be sure that it was God speaking and that the books could have been the product of his own subconscious, but he stated that he truly believed it to be the voice of God speaking to him.[citation needed]

    Conversations with God - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My family went for the mass and I met Carol, the leader in choir of San Roque and former Catechist and we talked about family life and some members of the Neo Catechumenal Way.

    I went to the Theosophical Society meeting and our topic was the continuation of "The Key to Theosophy" by: H.P.B. presided by Lovorn Ang (Flying Fish in, our president in Cebu lodge.There was a new member and his name was Mick or Michael, a Yoga teacher from New York.

    There was a program in San Vicente and I was so late already. I met Jojo, our neighbor and my childhood friend. His elder brother, Manny was one of my best friends. We talked about religion and his experienced in ADD Bible Exposition last April 21.
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    April 26, DAY 15

    New Age Music has fascinated me ever since when I was in college. The music of David Lanz and Paul Speer are one of the best. If I need some inspiration from the Divine, I only choose to listen to beautiful music such as New Age. I used to play "Behind The Waterfalls" on the piano and this is one of my favorite.

    YouTube - Behind the Waterfall

    I watched the movie Cruel Intentions and slept the whole afternoon listening to the rain outside.

    I searched and found this site THE List of 40 Things to do before I hit the BIG 40!! and I was reminded of my 101 Goals and Dreams to achieve and realize before turning forty and beyond.

    My father just called a long distance from China looking for my mom. I was reminded again to attract a wonderful job this summer because I don't have work at this point in time. I still have to wait again hopefully for my teaching load this coming June, SY 2009. Thank you God!
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    April 27, DAY 16

    I had the opportunity again to read and reflect "The Book of Secrets" by: Deepak Chopra and I was reminded about LETTING GO (How to Choose Without Getting Trapped). Here are some insights that I need to learn and remember again and again: Make the most of every experience, Don't obsess over right and wrong decisions, Stop defending your self-image, Go beyond risks, Make no decision when in doubt, See the possibilities in whatever happens, Find the stream of joy.

    I visited Angelo and we had fun together. I felt challenged to strive harder for his future. I know God will take care of him and I am confident that everything's gonna be alright.

    I got the books The Celestine Prophecy, Osho Zen Tarot, and What GOD Wants from the book shelf. I need to review these profound materials.
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    APRIL 28, DAY 17
  13. regnauld's Avatar
    MAY 8, DAY 27

    I went to USC and met Rose about the USC Community Extension Services. I decided to meet Cathy by surprise at USC Campus ministry.

    Rose and I talked about her plan of organizing a seminar on her class. She wanted to have a Self-Awareness to be conducted next Saturday and I decided to name it as Self Transformation Seminar with 7 Habits Highly effective People as part of the module.

    I saw this book "Celestine Prophecy" An Experiential Guide and I've read this many years ago and also saw the movie in the net but I still don't have this experiential guide. So, I decided to buy the guidebook and I want to work and put into practice these Nine Insights in my day to day experience. Maybe some of these insights were already practiced which I am not aware of. Now, this time these insights will be part of my 100 Day Challenge and see whether this really works.

    The Celestine Prophecy is a 1993 novel by James Redfield that discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas which are rooted in many ancient Eastern Traditions and New Age Spirituality. The main character of the novel undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights on an ancient manuscript in Peru. The book is a first-person narrative of the narrator's spiritual awakening as he goes through a transitional period of his life.
    As of May 2005, it had sold over 20 million copies worldwide[1] and had been translated into 34 languages. A film, The Celestine Prophecy based on the book, was released in 2006. Redfield also published two sequels: The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision and The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight; he is currently working on a fourth book – The Twelfth Insight.

    The Celestine Prophecy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The First Insight: A Critical Mass: The Coincidence That Shape Our Lives


    The First Insight is the insight of awakening. We look out on our lives and realize that more is occurring than we thought. Beyond our everyday routines and challenges we can detect the mysterious influence of the divine: "meaningful coincidences" that seem to be sending us messages and leading us in a particular direction. At first we only glimpse these coincidences as we race by, hardly paying attention. But eventually we begin to slow down and to look more closely at these events. Open and alert, we are more able to detect the next synchhronistic event. Coincidences seem to ebb and flow, sometimes rushing in quick succession, other times leaving us becalmed. Yet we know that we have discovered the soul process that guides our lives forward. The remaining Insights clarify how to increase the frequency of this mysterious synchronicity and discover the ultimate destiny toward which we are being led.
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    MAY 9, DAY 28

    I am researching about the concept of SynchroDestiny (Deepak Chopra) because I was reminded about the book I bought yesterday "Celestine Prophecy" An Experiential Guide and I'd want to focus on this area on how I can develop meaningful coincidences that would fulfill my purpose and destiny in life.

    Here are the seven principles that underlie SynchroDestiny. Right now, the author will briefly describe each one and they will be discussed in much more detail.

    The first principle of SynchroDestiny is the existence of the Conscious Energy Field. By that I mean the underlying intelligence that gives rise to my body and your body and to the universe as a whole, from the stars and galaxies down to the atoms and molecules-all this is really the extended body we all share. The conscious energy field is really the antithesis of the idea that the universe is a machine or a clock or some other mechanism that operates essentially without consciousness or awareness or intention.

    I refer to the second principle as Creating Cosmic Connections. Understanding how human relationships operate is one of the most important keys to SynchroDestiny. In the West, we tend to think that the principles of the natural world exist separately from human thoughts and feelings. We may acknowledge that networking and meeting lots of new people is important to our careers-but this is really just using human relationships as a tactic. In mastering SynchroDestiny, the ability to create positive human relationships is much more than a tactic, it is fundamental, in the same way that gravity is fundamental or having air to breathe is fundamental. Creating Cosmic Connections means creating the human environment in which SynchroDestiny can take place.

    The third principle, which I call Mastering Inner Dialogue, concerns the way your mind literally creates reality-and the ways in which you can transform reality to create abundance. Here is a quick example of what this means: Suppose you are dissatisfied with your job and you want to find a new one. You start looking through the newspapers and talking to friends who are familiar with your career, but nothing turns up. If you were asked to describe this situation, you might shrug your shoulders and say, "Well, there's just nothing out there for me. I looked around, but there just wasn't anything out there.
    Now let me contrast this analysis with another example from a very different part of the world. Suppose a hunter in the Amazon rain forest is having difficulty finding game. If he goes to a shaman to deal with the situation, neither the hunter nor the shaman looks anywhere but within the hunter himself for the solution to the problem. It never occurs to them to say something like, "There's no game out there," because they know there is game out there. The problem is that something within the hunter is preventing him from finding the game. Maybe something within the hunter is even driving the game away. So the shaman asks the hunter to participate in a ritual that is designed to change what is in the hunter's heart and mind-because it is the heart and mind that control the external reality.
    This is an area in which I think we have a great deal to learn from traditional societies, because we really underestimate the extent to which we literally create the world around us.
    When we find ourselves looking at the world and saying, "There's nothing out there," we should probably also look into our hearts and ask, "If there's nothing out there, is there anything in here?" What is in here is what I mean by Inner Dialogue and Mastering Inner Dialogue is the third principle of SynchroDestiny.

    The fourth principle is the art of Penetrating the Conspiracy of Improbabilities. This is a very exciting area of the program and it can really be a lot of fun. Penetrating the Conspiracy of Improbabilities means learning to recognize meaningful coincidences. It means learning to see them as opportunities rather than just little breaks in your daily routine.

    The fifth principle deals with Harnessing Emotional Turbulence. Once we understand that external reality cannot be separated from internal reality--once we understand that the universe really is our extended body--it becomes very clear that negative energy within ourselves is very self-destructive. Emotional Turbulence is a major barrier to the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. Transforming negative energy into a higher level of awareness is the fifth principle of mastering SynchroDestiny.

    The sixth principle is learning to use the Infinite Organizing Power of Intention. Again, mastering this principle means letting go of the idea that the universe is basically an inert machine. It means getting beyond the idea that there are certain forces like gravity or electromagnetism that control the universe to the utter exclusion of a force from within ourselves, such as intention.
    But intention is a force of nature just like gravity. In fact, there have been experiments to measure the power of intention. Can you, for instance, cause a person to turn around and look at you simply by staring at the back of his head and intending for him to turn around? Experiments like these have yielded some very interesting results and we will be discussing this in connection with the sixth principle.

    The seventh and final principle is really about taking the ideas presented at the beginning of the program about the Conscious Energy Field and making them the guideposts of your own life just as they are the ruling principles of the universe. Awareness that these principles are not just abstractions, that they are operating in everything we do, is really more than just awareness, it is really a kind of celebration. I refer to it as Celebrating the Cosmic Dance and that is also the name I have given to the seventh principle of SynchroDestiny. When you have mastered SynchroDestiny, when you have learned to synchronize your life with the universe itself, you are Celebrating the Cosmic Dance. This is really a very important point. Suppose you were to ask the next person you meet this very simple question: "What are the principles you live by?" Most of the time, in answer to a question like that, you are just going to get a blank stare. People just are not used to thinking about questions like that and sometimes they even feel offended about being asked to think about them.
    On the other end of the spectrum, you might get an answer that is so narrow that it avoids the question in a different way. Someone might say, "Well, I live by the principle of an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Or, "I live by the principle of always carrying some change for parking meters." What I am suggesting is that we really can recognize a connection between how we live our lives and the way the universe works and we can live in harmony with that connection.

    I had a meeting with the USC Psyc Faculty at Banawa. Then, I went to the meeting at Theosophical Society, Cebu! The topic was the continuation of "The Key To Theosophy" by: H.P.B.

    Emblem of the Theosophical Society
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    MAY 10, DAY 29

    Don't worry. Everything's gonna be alright. - Bob Marley

    Bob Marley was born Robert Nesta Marl

    Today is Mother's Day!

    We went to Bigbys at SM to celebrate Happy Mother's Day with our dear mother!

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    May 11, DAY 30

    Today I am reading and researching about "The Urantia Book"

    The Urantia Book

    Cover of the June 2008 paperback ed. Author Undetermined Publisher Urantia Foundation, others Publication date October 1955 Media type print (hardback & paperback) ISBN ISBN 0-911560-02-5, ISBN 0-9651972-3-9 (Uversa Press) The Urantia Book (sometimes called The Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual and philosophical book that discusses God, science, cosmology, religion, history and destiny.[1] It originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA, sometime between 1924 and 1955, but its authorship is unclear. There has been much debate and speculation on how the papers were produced.[2]
    The writers introduce the word Urantia as the name of the planet Earth and state their intent is to "present enlarged concepts and advanced truth" in an "endeavor to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception." Among many other topics, it expounds on the origin and meaning of life, describes humankind's place in the universe, discusses the relationship between God and people, and presents a detailed biography of Jesus.
    The Urantia Foundation first published The Urantia Book in 1955 in English. The organization has translated it into eleven other languages, with new translations in process.[3]
    In 2001, a United States jury trial in Oklahoma City found that the Urantia Foundation's 1983 renewal of the book's copyright was invalid.[4] This decision was upheld in the United States Court of Appeals 10th District,[5] and the English version of the book is considered to have entered the public domain in the U.S. as of 1983.[2] In 2006, the international copyright on the English text expired.[6] A print edition containing a topical index and an audio DVD has been published by Uversa Press since the 2001 decision. Copies of The Urantia Book are on the Internet in various formats and it has been adapted to more recent platforms such as the Kindle and the iPhone / iPod Touch App Store. Several audio books of the text are also on the Internet.

    The Urantia Book - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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