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  1. It's Okay To Give Up On What (Or Whom) You Thought You Wanted

    by , 12-06-2016 at 03:55 AM
    Life has trained you to push yourself as far as you can to realize your dreams, but sometimes, things don't work out the way you planned them. Emotions rise, morale drops, and as much as you want to try, you learn that there are certain walls that you can't break and mountains that you can't scale; it's then that your gut tells you that the best course of action is to give up and let go.

    In a competitive society, giving up is often seen as a lack of perseverance, or something to ...

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  2. Ideal cities for retirement

    by , 12-03-2016 at 07:50 AM
    Retirement is the point in our lives when we stop going to work and just do the things that we were not able to do our whole life. For some people, it is time to develop a hobby like playing golf or sailing. For some, it's family time, and this is why it is important to find the best property and location for your retirement. Depending on your needs and lifestyle here are cities that are ideal for foreign retirees:

    City of Bacolod
    The where you can taste the delicious chicken ...
  3. Get to Know your Body

    by , 11-30-2016 at 05:23 PM (The Joys of Life)
    Getting into the right clothes has been a struggle lately because of the pounds that piled up as the years came by. Before, fitting clothes was as easy as 1, 2, 3. But now, it is a different story. So many angles and measurements to look at, for it to be considered a perfect fit.

    For a perfect fit one has to get to know your own body. How to do that? Easy! Get to the basics - know your measurements and based on that measurements you will get to know your body shape.


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  4. Advantages of staying in the City

    by , 11-29-2016 at 07:57 AM
    Most modern people would want to live in a busy city. Why not? The city has lots to offer and not to mention the opportunity for a career growth. Almost everything you need is close by, from a shopping center, grocery store, medical centers, business center and more.

    Here are more tempting benefits in staying in a big city:

    You will have a bigger hospital room equipt with the newest medical tools. If you call for an ambulance, it will be there in less than 15 minutes ...
  5. After moving into new property

    by , 11-26-2016 at 04:30 AM
    Moving into a new home and you and your family just arrived with all the boxes. The work is not over yet, things that you need to do after moving in.

    Unpacking all the boxes
    When you think that it is all over since you arrive then you see all the boxes you guys need to unpack. The trick is to put labels on the boxes before putting in the things inside. This way you can quickly unpack since you know what's inside those boxes.

    Home Inspection
    Imagine ...
  6. LOTS @ Greenwoods Subdivision, Pulangbato, Cebu City

    by , 11-24-2016 at 09:14 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by supernova37 View Post
    Up for today.
  7. Effective way to save money to buy a new home next year

    by , 11-22-2016 at 05:29 AM
    Tighten your belt for down payment

    Choose the type of property you want for you and your family and how much are you willing to spend before you start saving for the downpayment. Many developers offer low downpayment to reach out to home buyers who needs a little push to get their dream home.

    Open your own savings account

    Having a savings account that is only for the downpayment for your new home will help you keep track of your progress. ...
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