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What is Pluggle? How it works? Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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by , 07-28-2017 at 10:16 PM (2367 Views)

What is PLUGGLE or
Pluggle is an advertising website( traffic advertising platform). It is a combined modern advertising and affiliate marketing which the main market place is the Philippines because of its domain, However, its main advertising company is based in Sengalor, Malaysia which from traditional-based form of advertising now focuses with Online platform.

Is a company?
No. It is a website and it has no boundary. It can be accessed anywhere in the world with internet available. But because of the demand of the members, pluggle is already processing its SEC registration to avoid possible legal issues.

When did Pluggle start?
Its main traditional advertising website/ company started 5 years ago, but just started on April 9, 2017.

Does Pluggle have products?
Because it is purely online marketing, it has no own products except its ONLINE ADVERTISING PLATFORM. However, it will soon have an Online Store and Digital Products which can be bought by members using their wallet balance.

What concept runs Pluggle website?
It is a unique online marketing and advertising concept which is visited, used, and monitored by members or users who create traffic everyday.The heavier the traffic is, the more demand for advertisers.

What benefits can Pluggle members or users get?
They can have a chance to earn 30%-100% from their starting capital in 12 days as a bonus for being an active website member or user. The said capital is an activation fee for each account.

How much is the activation fee?
It costs 1,000Php or $20 per account, but the member can redeem the capital and can even get more for visiting the website.

What is the activation fee for?
It is for a member to have an active account which can be used in the ADVERTISING PLATFORM, and to earn bonuses: SIGN UP BONUS, FOLLOWS BONUS,

What are the 6 ways to earn and how much is the potential earning?
>>SIGN UP BONUS is 100ph and it is earned from the memberís first sign up for the new account.

>>FOLLOWS BONUS is 100php and it is earned from every account activation of the members who signed up from your effort of promoting or advertising.
>>PERSONAL LOGIN BONUS is 100php and it is earned from every login to your active account in 12 days.

>>GROUP LOGIN BONUS is 60php from your 1st level, and 40php from your 2nd level or the members of your members who signed up in 12 days.

>>LEVELING BONUS is 400php and it is earned from every pair of your left and right leg in the binary structure. (1 pair per level)

>>PAIRING BONUS is 100php, and it is earned from every pair of your left and right leg from all levels (unlimited pairs / up to 3,000php per day)

How much is the limit of the personal and group login bonus?
It is limited to 1,200php plus sign up bonus of 100 total of 1300 php total of combined PERSONAL AND GROUP LOGIN BONUS

How to join Pluggle?
The first step to join Pluggle is to make a free account using pre-sign up at the referral link or affiliate link of your sponsor ( ask the link from the person who invited you)

How many accounts can be opened at Pluggle?
1 Account, 1 Name, 1 Email, 1 Btc Address, and 1 Mobile No. Policy but adding accounts until 15 entries or slots in one account using add entry form genealogy is allowed.

Is earning possible without inviting or recruiting?
Yes. It is possible to earn through SIGN UP BONUS and PERSONAL LOGIN DAILY BONUS, and because many people promote Pluggle, there is also a potential earning from the system spill over or from the sponsor even without referrals.

How is the cash out system and when is it done?
Thereís withdraw page on your account. Use the command every Tuesday until Friday on the desired amount. It will be sent to your wallet address every Monday. However, there is a minimum cash out amounting to 2,500php. Once the amount is already at your wallet like, you can now cash it out anytime provided that it is verified on your account

Why is there minimum withdrawal of 2,500 php?
It is for the safety feature (safety net) of the program, and also, for the sustainability of big cash outs as the number of members / users increase.

How can Pluggle pay its members or user from 30%-100%?
The life of advertisements is traffic. The more visitors the website have, the more traffic created. Clients pay advertising websites for advertising their products or services, and it is what Pluggle pays off the members.

I joined Pluggle June 30, and so far I already cashed out twice with my account and my sisters account.

For proof of income here you go:

July 10, 2017 - Payout

July 24, 2017 - Sisters Payout

COMBINED INCOME as of July 24, 2017


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