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Here's to Strong People

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by , 01-15-2016 at 02:29 PM (3250 Views)
I find the below post really inspiring.... so I wish to share it with the world. Here's to people who continue to be Strong and always put their feet on the ground.

I don't give a damn about people who believe on lies about me. they don't deserve the truth from me and they don't deserve to know the real me. it's not their fault and they are not a loss. they simply ought to be forgiven and forgotten. i don't give a damn about peole who make up these lies as well. i believe in their sound discretion of knowing the words to effectively preserve, protect and uphold their interests. it is their fault and they are not a loss. in time, they will be forgiven but not forgotten.
my take is different with people are suppose to know me, trusted by me and loved by me- yet when i turn my back, are capable of making up lies to destroy and humiliate me; yet when i stumbled because of the rocks they throw, are capable of laughing and mocking me. I cannot fathom their betrayal and evil intentions. i cannot make sense of their twisted nature. they will never be forgiven nor forgotten.
So don't be too confident just because i am smiling at you.

End of Quote.

Credits: Amity Fox
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  1. gracie7's Avatar
    People who talks about you means you're above them. Small minds talk about other people. They're so bored of themselves that they create lies and drama.
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