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unsa'y english ug gikabuhi?

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by , 07-31-2018 at 12:32 AM (2707 Views)
Lately, I've been craving for foods that i used to eat in the Philippines. Gimingaw na jud kog kaon ug bulad, kinilaw, utan kamunggay, ug uban pa. Until i found a small pack of bulad in the frozen section of this Asian store in Ohio. There is barely any asian store or market where I'm currently at so I was very ecstatic about this little discovery. There were other Filipino foods in there as well, but I only wanted the dried fish. It was quite expensive but i went and bought it anyway.

I didn't fry the bulad right away because i had (kano ug kana) companions in the house who are not used to smelling or eating bulad. You know how the whole house would smell when you start cooking it? I didn't want to be rude, so yeah, i waited for two weeks.

During these arduous days of waiting, my only inspiration is a picture of freshly fried crispy bulad in my plate. Lol jk. It's an exaggeration.

When they left, I immediately fried the dried fish and cooked
instant corn grits on the side because I wanted my meal to be as closely authentic as possible. I also wanted to be so extra that i thought of roasting some corn grits for coffee. Ever had "dragon kape"? these little packets of roasted corn grits? I used to drink that when i was a kid. (by the way, if you know this corn coffee, i would greatly appreciate it if you link me a photo, i kept looking for it on google but i couldn't find any pictures)

My grandpa used to tell me that the roasted corn grits are healthy for kids than real coffee. He might be right for the most part but i know we were just too poor to buy the real instant coffee. Ha.
Okay, back to my main topic. I was too lazy to make roasted grits so i made coffee from the keurig instead. I was so ready to dig in when i realized that my nails were long! Whenever I want to eat with my hands, I always make sure that my nails are trimmed very short. So i trimmed them long-ass nails.

(LoL yeah. Okay, they're dry af.

After all these extra curricular activities i started eating. Uhm Yum! So good! Nomnomnom! Kinamot ug kaon, bulad tusnob sa suka, higop kape.. Oh the bliss! Until my heartburn kicked in. Is that the english word for "kabuhi?"

Nay, gikabuhi jud ko! Was it because the meal was so nostalgic that it made me emotional? No? Too dramatic? Okay, maybe I just ate too much and too fast. Gigutom man gud ko!

Despite the heartburn, i enjoyed my meal very much!

Bulad. Mais. Kape.

Would recommend.

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