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A Recluse Out of the Hinterlands

10 Ways to Care for the Environment Over the Holidays.

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by , 04-18-2010 at 07:48 PM (883 Views)
Are you Pro-earth?
Are you in a Clean-and-Green Campaign?
If you really care for our environment, read over this tips and you might follow this some time in the future.

1. Save the really nice wrapping paper form the presents you get.

2. Recycle old phonebooks by using their pages as gift wrappers. It'll give your presents a character.

3. Instead of buying a new pen, keep the old one and buy an ink refill.

4. Write the name of your gift recipient right on the wrapping paper itself. use thick magic markers or puff paint to make your gifts stand out.

5. Give environmentally-friendly gifts, like colorful bayong bags or canvas totes. They're great alternatives to plastic bags!

6. While Christmas shopping, tell the salesperson you don't need a bag if their merchandise comes in plastic.

7. Give potted plants wrapped with colorful bows as gifts.

8. Make a small donation to Greenpeace.

9. Put your CD's in big albums instead of individual plastic cases.

10. Forget the firecrackers and stock up on light-emitting toys and noisemakers.



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