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A Recluse Out of the Hinterlands

Crazy little thing called "writing"

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by , 12-29-2012 at 04:45 PM (1893 Views)
While ultraviolet rays are merely invisible in my eyes, I was patiently waiting for the vehicle to start.
I pulled up my phone from my pocket and tried to text some people, but despite, these days are considered zero like a well that has been dried up.

As the jeepney started, I find myself engrossed in the most desperate thought: to write and draft topics.
I was feeling a "writer" at the moment.

I wouldn't mind passengers that come and go. I didn't even care if they were staring at me, mocking me as if I'm just plainly addicted in texting.
I was just only aware that my mind was runnning and flowing of ideas and that smoke, dust, and wind came crashing my face.

Then, I paused for a moment, smiled and I told myself.

"What's up with me? How could I be more focused on a moving vehicle, with noise pollution than at home where there is serenity and stillness? Am I going crazy? Or just acting dumb?"

Reality check:
My mind is half-empty whenever I stay at home. I just don't really understand. I guess would be more comfortable when I'm squatting in the grass, surrounded by trees and fresh air gettin inside my nose or in a hammock under the palm trees and white sand below it while facing the sea.

Well now, as I was close to my destination. Anytime at that moment, I had joined a sea of people in downtown Cebu. And by the time that I had posted this, my phone would be retiring back from where it should be.

Sounds crazy right? Well, madness it is.
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  1. cebu.opportunities's Avatar
    There are some crazy little things that we cannot fully understand in our lives. I love to study or review my notes while on a ride to school. The feeling that you are out of comfort while trying to see the right combination of words and phrases while the vehicle waves your entire body as where it desires to; The fast-driven urge of finishing the whole thing before you arrive to the destination; That's a great boost of accomplishment when done being carefree of what others might think of you. (I don't have to explain that I cannot stay up all night just to study. Study=School; Home is Home, haha)
  2. Peenut's Avatar
    Definitely, understanding those things defines us of who and what we are.
  3. geo25's Avatar
    I play songs-that-I-don't-like when writing. It helps me get in to the writing mood. Playing a song I like would only make me sing-a-long.
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