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A Recluse Out of the Hinterlands

Questions you might want to answer before giving up your virginity. (For women)

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by , 10-28-2012 at 10:25 PM (7264 Views)
Reader Discretion: Parental guidance is highly advised for ages 18 below.

Virginity is such a personal thing. You can't judge anyone on it.
It is the Pandora's Box that women are trying to conceal and keep hidden.
But do these questions pop-up on your mind?

Let's face it.

Am I trying to prove something?

-Despite *** education in schools, despite the trend toward honesty and openness about ***, many parents continue to believe that *** talk is not fit for the ears of children and that anyone under 18 is a child, therefore to be protected from movies or magazines that touch on matters like this, parents must guide them. But young people sometimes go to extremes to prove their parents wrong.

Am I afraid of losing HIM?

-Often a guy, physically and emotionally less complicated wil press for intimacy before a girl is sure she wants it. She owes it to herself and to the guy to hold back.
Full participation in sexual intercourse is a major milestone in female psychology. For most, it has profound impact. It is not uncommon for a young woman to discover the unexpected force of her sexuality in her first intercourse, thus forming an attachment stronger than she had imagined possible. For this reason, many girls who are neither prudish nor inhibited choose to defer intercourse until a mutually responsible relationship has been formed.
The vast majority of girls look forward to marriage and a family. Many feel that this is the context in which they want to enjoy a total relationship with a man. They need conditions of permanence, security and mutual support before they feel right and ready for sexual commitment.

How will I feel tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

-In a culture that has come to value instant pleasure, people tend to grasp at the fun of the moment without much thought of after-effects. But the emotional charges set off by physical intimacy are tremendous and cannot be turned off the next day.
While there are some women who can bed down quite casually with various partners, this facility usually comes with broad experience and at the cost of blunted emotions. The great majority of women take *** seriously. Even ie they would like to be casual, they find that *** takes them seriously.
A guy and girl who have entered into a sexual relationship too early often find that they've established a bond neither of them really wants. Yet once this bond is formed, they're likely to feel locked in, to defend the decision (as we all tend to do), to rationalize an error, Sometimes, a dismal marriage has been the crushing consequence of a girl and a guy's quick decision to have some fun.

Do I know as much about *** as I think I know?

-Thanks to *** education in schools, most teens know how to spell the word coitus. But what they don't know is often considerable. This striking ignorance of birth-control method is common. Young people who are not conscientious enough to learn the facts and consider the consequences are clearly not ready to experiment with ***. Sadly, *** education is not commonly taught here.

Are WE both ready?

-There is an awkward gap between the time when people become physically capable of having intercourse and the time when they are psychologically competent to handle a loving relationship. The building of such a relationship is usually a long process, requiring sensitivity, sympathy, the ability to care about someone else as much as you care about yourself.
This is a big order for teens, who are characteristically, and for sound psychological reasons, self-involved.
If you are ready to commit another person, that's about half the requirement. Is He? That's the other half.
Some girls have strong, built-in religious or moral convictions about premarital ***. For them, there is no other way than to defer *** experience until marriage. Other girls faced with the necessity of making up their own mind, working out their own standards. The power to choose carries with it the obligation to choose wisely. It's a responsibility of no small consequence.

If the guy really loves you, he will respect your values and decisions or unless you're ready. It's up to you if you just jump the gun.
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  1. trinalla's Avatar
    True love waits
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  2. regretful_student_doctor's Avatar
    Girls give *** to get love. Guys give love to get ***. Mutual! But waiting for the right time right guy right place is still number 1 rule
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  3. Peenut's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by regretful_student_doctor
    Girls give *** to get love. Guys give love to get ***. Mutual! But waiting for the right time right guy right place is still number 1 rule
    Is it right to be judgmental on that way.
    I understand that it's mutual but I think love is way more different than ***. Girls giving *** to get love? I think it's not a main reason, in a relationship, *** will be knocking on the door at the right time.


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