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Going Solo to Isla Del Fuego: Salagdoong Beach Experience

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by , 04-02-2013 at 07:27 PM (11403 Views)
March 27 2013

I woke up almost 10:00am, smelling whatís cooking-in inside my hostís humble abode. It was holy week at that time, so it is customary to eat fish. Siquijodnons are fish lovers and they have this affinity on freshness; for they do not buy day-old fish. I then strolled along the streets of Lazi with the blessing that I donít get lost. I was informed by my friend that Iíd be joining them (Highschool batchmates of hers) to go to the beach. Salagdoong Beach that is.

We prepared what to bring: food, liquor etc. Then we got there by 1:00pm. After a round of empy light and card playing, we decided to splash ourselves. I canít believe I chickened out over a nice padidit or slide and a leap on the waters! For I barely know how to swim, bummer! I watched them in envy as they jump through and fro! Someday, when Iíll get back to that place ( Since Iím planning to get back there anyway), I might summon enough courage to jump and experience what they had gone through. Smiles and all are flying as we got home, and I made new aquaintances!

One hot afternoon


It's clear, yet it's deep!

Siquijodnons: New aquaintances taking the leap!

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  1. backspace's Avatar
    ako jud gimahayan nga wala ko mo ambak diha ky dli ko kabaw mo langoy. sayanga jud. . tsk!
  2. dumbhandsome's Avatar
    wow! very nice view... tag-pila ang hotel diha dai?


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