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It Pays To Choose Your Flowers

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by , 02-14-2013 at 09:56 PM (3992 Views)

As I walked along the sidewalk near E-mall, going towards Novo to buy my daily necessities (footpowder,earbuds etc.) on a typical afternoon, I remembered my good friend's advice to me, which immediately set a time warp, creating a wormhole through my brain.

The recall goes like this:
ME: Ani! ok raba kaha kung muhatag kug buwak nia? I mean ok rman cguro kai meju ok naman amu tagad.
HER: Ok keo moi! sus Valentines btaw ron.
ME: Nya saputon nya to? basin makalitan ba nya malain napud cia. Kapui bia sad hehe.
HER: Ok ra lagi!
ME: Sure? Bntai ha salig ku sa imung nakita hehe.

..A series of teases follows..

I immediately had an idea; I like to pick a rose, a long-stem rose that is, on a box. Any kind of rose will do as long as it is of good quality. But color wise, I'd prefer carnation over red, it looks cleaner than the scarlet ones. I thought of an immediate imaginary excerpt, that my flower will send a "message" that "it is best to give a one-stem flower over a bouquet, for a bouquet tells that a man can give everything, but in such way that it is small and short; it signifies an attitude towards small and easy things, while a long-stemmed flower ( in this case a rose) signifies that a man might give someone less than expected, but shows more of being assertive and erect; A man that has focus and knows what (or who) he's dealing with. Besides, one-stem flowers are cheaper than bouquets, lol.

So, I walked across USJR to Freedom to search for this special thing. I did haggle wars with the vendors to no avail, and the flowers are a bit mediocre. The plastic box intended for the flowers are nowhere to be found; they were sold out earlier as what the vendors said. But I didn't give up.

I walked downtown towards a flower shop, but all I can do is to ogle on those lovely flowers. The price tag was quite high, not enough for my limited budget. Remembering several flower shops near USC, I tried my luck. So I chanced upon a certain shop that makes good plastic cases with ribbons but its not the container I like, for what I need is a box. Besides, their flowers are not that good.

Later I stumbled upon another shop near Jollibee, They have good flowers, good containers but the containers are messy (with glitters and all); It's a cylinder with a flower in it. I like the idea but hell, why would I want to give something messy?

So what I did is that I choose a flower; The longest stem of the bunch ( I think) with its carnation bud still in a still-born trance. The next thing I did was to assemble a wrap around it, so I got back to the first shop and render it's wrapping skills. It cost me 80PHP (seventy for the flower, ten for the wrap) which looks like a rose that might cost you 300PHP. Pasensya, tihik jud ko hehe..

At 7:30PM (today) I mustered my courage and went to her place, the "recipient". I gave my flower, smiled..and said:"Happy Valentines".Her expression is a bit funny; at first after receiving my rose, she immediately went to her room, then seconds later, she went out saying "Happy Valentines sad! Thanks!" Her friends are present, especially the one I collaborated with. Jokes and teasing commenced and we had a funny evening after that.

It's a good feeling, really. It pays to choose your flowers!
Happy Valentines Day
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  1. neversaydie's Avatar
    Nice one moy thumbs up!! when you know how to choose your flower or to choose things that you want to give to a special person, it could give the implication that you really know who that person is, not just the outside but more on the inside.. from what you chose , shows what and how that person is to you.. It is the feeling of seeing a thing and this person will always come to your mind even at a first glance.. it's how this simple thing represents this special one...
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  2. graphicare's Avatar
    hahaha...update us for the next episode of your affection towards this girl ha...hehehe....
    moy1moy1 likes this.
  3. moy1moy1's Avatar
    ^ lol. both stories are isolated. aguy hahaha
  4. kstcable's Avatar
  5. kageron's Avatar
    sometimes the unexpected gifts have the priceless memories.
  6. Pandas.Box's Avatar
    Nice! ^_~*
  7. arnelillut's Avatar
  8. cebu.opportunities's Avatar
    Ka pihikan ni TS. Nindot sad ning butangan og story and how you associate the flower/s sa imo hatagan dah. Mas cute and touching kysa merely receiving flowers without knowing the effort of acquiring one and words the giver put in it.
    moy1moy1 likes this.
  9. unthoknee376's Avatar
    makahilak mn sd tag diamonds sa kakilig.!
  10. moy1moy1's Avatar
    ayaw sad nang diamonds oi samad2 mn sad ta ana haha!


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