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Under the Shade of Your Parasol

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by , 02-01-2013 at 12:50 AM (5682 Views)

As I walked fast along the sidewalk, stopping and waiting to cross the road, I saw you on a purple parasol. Cold sweat ran into my face after you shouted my name on the opposite side of the road. Waving, I shoutedback, saying "wana kai exam? pauli na ka?".I mean, I know that she's homeward bound, so what am I thinking, asking those questions? Still, she replied: wala naman,labang na huwatun taka".My heart raced in a skipbeat, if such condition even existed, for I can't tell what I felt that afternoon.

As I reached the other side of the road, she propped her parasol and offered me a shade, saying: "naniudto naka? dali ihatud taka nag ininsik nasad kag mata aie hehe",I was embarrassed and speechless; to think a girl offered me to company me to school, and even go as far as offering me a shade! I asked if she had taken her lunch, and she said yes, barring an opportunity to treat her. But hell! Why am I thinking of treating her for lunch when in fact, I'm on a rush for my exam starts soon.As we stroll along the sidewalk (stroll, for it was slow), we talked over things "business related" and such. Yet I find it hard to focus, for as my ears were busy listening, I can't take my eyes off her face; sweaty yet still projecting the very aura straight from that of a beauty queen!

Minutes passed fast , but it is as if my mind registered a different timezone, for it was long enough for my imagination to play and I'm experiencing a jet lag! As I entered the front gate, she waved back at me saying: pangitaa nya si ate ha? ngaon ta batchoi unya gabii hihi". Sure, why not? I said, with a big smile on the face.

The exam was due for 2 hours, but I answered all the questions and finished early; barely spending 15 mins of the allotted time! It was relatively easy, for I remembered everything I crammed the night before! My brain was unnaturally "healed", for it was a pain to memorize those codes.Was it because of the positive vibes brought by the lady in the parasol? I don't know for sure. But I wish to believe anyway. Thank you, my lady!

There is more than dust in the air.

Note: It is not advisable to use a parasol under the rays of the sun; might as well use an umbrella. There is a difference between the two. Just saying
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  1. e_eMac's Avatar
    nice one! ayos kaau pag describe, it's as if I'm the one who's experiencing it
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  2. mj.pocholo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by e_eMac
    nice one! ayos kaau pag describe, it's as if I'm the one who's experiencing it
    count me in bro...hehehe btaw it happened to me once during my college days like i really hate to check the time every now and then at that moment so fast so furious.
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