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An Ode to Hate: Reasons are Deaf

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by , 01-29-2013 at 08:19 PM (1597 Views)
Reasons to shout
-Words flying
Reasons to worry
-Words so deafening

Bitter and cold
-Your heart whispered something
Lies were forged
-All meant nothing

Black as death
-My heart regret
Chill as ice
-You'll never forget

Please forgive me
-I'm sick of you
Please release me
-I hate you

Hate my attitude
-Said by her
I love you
-Heard no one ever

Sick and tired
-Full of regret
Hate incurable
-Will this ever end?

I'm angry
-So is you
Our hearts expand
-Deaf anew

Words define
-All is worse
Please hear me
-It gets worst

Kicked in the balls
-I tremble and scream
Twice not once
-Slapped in a whim

Fingers pointed
-I murmur in dismay
What was that again?
-Not gonna join the fray

Relationship worsens
-Care to sway?
Words unspoken
-Words decay

I'd love to talk
-Never again
Please listen
-What would I gain?

Cold as death
-You treat me as such
Demonic victory
-Thank you very much

It's just a phase
-Hoping for the best
Let's start anew
-Walk in a tempest


-These are inspired by actual events of mine. It bothers me every time I think of it.To think I was courting her ,for I like her more than a friend and a batch mate and I "shouted" at her over a project mishap( we were thesis buddies)which followed the events that inspired these Ode. It's all random and no rights violated.




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