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Update: Straight Leg Press Up to Forearm Stand (Pincha Mayurasana)

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by , 09-22-2017 at 04:06 PM (882 Views)
My very first Straight Leg Press Up to Forearm Stand by Accident.


I think its been 4 months since i have been practising my forearm stand.

3 months to it, i decided i should try Pressing Up into a Handstand. I do not fancy kicking up into a Handstand as it's too much trial and error for me and decided Pressing Up into a Handtand is the best option.

So my goal this time was to learn how to Press Up to handstand three ways: Puppy Press Up, Straight Leg Press Up, and the Straddle Press Up.

I have always beena self-taught yoga enthusiast, and my resources re: pessing up involves me having to work on Active Pike Compression Exercises. I spend about an hour of these pike copression exercises e.g. lolasana, straddle lifts,L-sits,and Plank Pike Ups. Without any experience of a handstand and With daily practice, i have managed to do a Press Up via Straight Leg and Straddle Press with upto an L-Shape and Halfway. So i am currently working on my balance so i can manage to float to a straight Handstand.

Amazingly! , i have incorporated the Straddle Press and Straight Leg Press Up to my Forearm Stand Practice and Voila! i managed to get it. Pike Compression Exercises does lots in core strengthening and Pressing Up.

Straddle Press is Easier thand Straight Leg Press Up in my opinion.
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