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Giving Oneness Destiny (Yourself)

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by , 02-20-2015 at 03:03 PM (802 Views)

This blog is only an expression along my journey. Since each
individuals has its own perspective way of living. I tend to
refrain ambiguous information that might cause negative
assumption to most individuals, community, or Religions. As I
choose to use profound words, i am trying my best to radically
express my good intention to this blog. Nothing more, Nothing

Life is a journey that carries tons of questions into different
characteristics and situations, not to mention different rules of
Organizations, Sect or any forms of Belief Systems, you name it.
We are always digging each and every event of our life, in order
for us to find the true answer and the true purpose of life. For
how long we've been looking for the answer, that's how long we've
been living in the realm of illusion.

"We shouldn't try to put
question mark to what's this "Life" for?, "Life" itself is the
answer of all."

For I believe answer is been made before the
question comes in. That means, it is already existed even the day
we were born, we choose to be complicated not realizing by
making this life so complicated, we are building up a huge room
for ego. Ego may ruin your life when introduce in the mind.
That's why don't let the ego takes over your whole life. Clever
Egos can't solve the problem, because ego is equals to problem.
Trouble is only in the mind, as well as Peace, you choose...

"There is no situations that can make you stress or angry, it is
the reaction to the situation that you choose to be."

We always neglect how important to take time to focus inside to
ourselves to contemplate who we really are, to be honest and to
feel what we really need, because we've been hooked up to others
lifestyle, success, beliefs, rules etc. And it is resulting to
insecurities, self pity, discouragement, self-confused and all of
those things that won't serves us. We let ourselves imprisoned by
relating others way of living, observing false beliefs, and
letting this entire illusion spreads out. What I believe in every
individual has it's own uniqueness as well as power, we just
underestimated it (lack of self-belief). There is only
one person that can save you,

"We are the infinite choice-makers we've been constantly triggered
by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes."

I think it would be better to eradicate this acquisitive and
resentful lifestyle by giving the importance of oneness (universal love). We must get ourselves back into real life and real love. Where as true love is not the love that we are trying to define in such a deep and meaningful words in order for us to emphasize of what love is, because in such a way it is stated that we considered
"Love", is a word not a feeling. And in this phase, we let this
illusion sets in. Love, don't try to define, feel it from within.

"So you want to change the world?
You are the world you want to change."

Love&Light everyone
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