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On Angst and Arrogance – Istoryan Troller , Why aren't you who you really are?

It bothers me quite a bit to noticed the increasing number of istoryans who are hiding behind their computer and carelessly thrusting text into Ars for no reason are growing rapidly, making pointless trolls and hide from their own words. With no care about the subject matter they are posting on as they tried to get people arguing just for the mere fun of it.

What is it about cyberspace that makes it right, or necessary, or even favorable, to portray yourself as someone you aren't? Can you all be so insecure in your existence that you have to inflate or change yourself to feel adequate?
I know some people here, with my ----years in this forum, I’ve met them in real life weren’t the same person what we think they are based on what they say; how they expressed their words; the way they react to some threads.

On another perspective,for some, they tried to be someone else for a bit; try to portray an image of a tougher person but in real life they’re quite the opposite with tehir forum person .
As to what their objective is...either to gain/earn RESPECT from other forum members ; may it be the luxury in finding a venue to boost ego or is it their ALTER EGO?

Being someone completely different, to me, makes me believe that that person is so unhappy with his present life that they need to be a little less loser in another personality and taking great advantage of the online anonymity here in ISTORYA community.

  1. Condemn or Commend?

    by , 02-16-2016 at 10:52 PM (On Angst and Arrogance – Istoryan Troller , Why aren't you who you really are?)
    An Ideal Father or The Unfaithful Husband
    "Men have certain innate needs that must be met"

    A true story of a man...
    When he is with his wifey and kiddos, he painted a picture of a loving family portrait,
    A good provider , a caring father...
    Who would have thought that behind that ideal father image and a loving husband hides another man,
    A man, his wife and kiddos thought they know well turn out to be someone else…

    Updated 02-17-2016 at 01:23 AM by miramax

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