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by , 07-12-2016 at 09:56 PM (519 Views)
I hear from men all of the time that they don't like to deal with women's emotions, that men just don't understand them.

Women would say about not being emotionally satisfied - that all men wanted was the "PHYSICAL" and didn't understand them. I talk to a lot of women(friends, relatives, colleagues), how they are feeling and all of those emotional aspects of their lives. I will sit with them and talk for hours about all of those things. I have known a few women who want to get physical because they just figured that's how it is. But when they say "NO", they want to know who you are first: what makes you "YOU". They can just see the change - it's not the body they're after, that's easy. It's the heart and mind that they want, the body comes later, which makes the experience so much more passionate. So what I'm saying to all the guys is take the time to get to know your girl's emotional needs and satisfy them completely because let me tell you THE REAL DEAL about experiences; When you find out your girl is in an emotional/will be physical relationship with another man, your fragile emotions won't be able to handle it.

A very confusing yet simple solution.
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  1. jerzx777's Avatar
    Satisfaction can only achieved both men or women, if they will understand each other emotionally, mentally & Physically. I disagree that all men are only after the Physical beauty of an opposite s*x, although majority it is . but there are still few out there, which are searching/looking the right partner who has the glittering beauty inside the midst chamber of their heart. Physical beauty will fade through the years but the inner beauty will not.
  2. zerofcksgiven's Avatar
    what is with the last line? and do you still feel the same after 2 years?


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